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Full Screen Caller ID - BIG!

With more than 2 million installations and great ratings you can be sure it's the best full screen caller app in the Play Store
BIG! Full Screen Caller ID for Android gives you the possibility to set full screen caller ID images for your incoming and outgoing calls instead of a default caller ID screen with small pictures. We believe that if you have a georgeous HD screen in your phone, you should use it to its full potential.

That's why we created BIG! Full Screen Caller ID
- to make your Android phone look beautiful. Full-screen caller ID image will give your phone a fresh look, something it should have had the moment you turned it on for the first time.

Download the app and go through a short setup guide, where you will automatically connect your contacts with their Facebook and/or Google+ accounts to download their full screen caller ID photos automatically. After setup you will need to enter your friends profiles and enable them to appear with full screen caller ID images when they call you.


• full screen caller for incoming calls,
• full screen caller for outgoing calls,
• full screen photos when receiving SMS messages,
• beautiful contacts list with 3 display modes,
• connect with Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and download full-screen photos automatically (and browse FB albums),
• download additional themes from Google Play,
• rearrange buttons in caller ID screen,
• switch between caller screen Themes, choose 'click' or 'slider' behavior of buttons,
• enable full screen caller ID for all or only a few contacts.


Problems? FAQ: http://wroclawstudio.com/big-how-to-use-it-faq/

Any feedback is welcome. Please describe issues with device names, so that we can fix them. Mail us: support@wroclawstudio.com

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

D. R. Oct 16, 2018     

Well so far I want to give the app a five-star but I'ma hold back to a 4 star I like the way if you already have picture ID on your phone you can easily sync it to the big caller ID. The pictures blows up real nice to the screen size I love that part about it and when you press the button to hang up or to go from one screen to the other back to the Android screen the buttons are real easy to use and does not freeze up so so far I'm liking it.

Ama. N. Nov 7, 2018     

This application is functioning properly only thing is after reboot this application is not starting automatically in background. Need to start application manually then only full screen caller is working

Roh. M. Oct 18, 2018     

Just not able to receive calls, button s not working

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2018     

That app is so difficult to install

Sar. R. Dec 10, 2018     

Incoming not attend calls

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2018     

I love this app

A. G. u. Nov 22, 2018     

The best so far

Kir. N. Feb 11, 2018     

Buttons r not working on ma moto x play. Calls r not getting attended even if i press answer button. No use, UNINSTALL It works on no.s whose photos r set but it doesnot work on unknown callers even i had set photo for unknown caller. It shows both stock and big caller id screens buttons but no image for unknown callers. I used big caller id button to attend call but takes time to call being attended. Please fix this(Samsung galaxy S advance)

Mac. P. Dec 26, 2018     

Fantastic appp wonderful on devices running lollypop, KitKat or below. Too bad the functionality stops there, will not work properly on devices running marshmallow or above. The full screen functionality will be killed by the default dialer and when it does show up on outgoing calls, the speakerphone function and keypad will not work at all

A. G. u. Mar 30, 2018     

Speaker button does not work on huawei mate 10 pro. Please fix it! All other functions work well.

Jim. M. Mar 16, 2018     

I'll look for another app which does not cripple its free version. Also, unfortunately, not working with Android 6.0 on BLU Dash X2.

Dav. T. Aug 12, 2018     

Good Application

A. G. u. Feb 5, 2018     

**None of these issues resolved till now!!! Application is good. Need little more improvements. 1. When we press the Call button/Answer button, it shows "Your phone forced the use of system caller ID" and can only pick up the call with system's call/answer button. This should be resolved. 2. The default photo for all contacts cannot change once we set. Why? After again reset to default, when we select a new photo for all contacts, it will not change and will show always which photo had been set for the first time for all contacts. This should also be resolved and update. *Tested in Vivo Y69. Androvid version 7.0 Thanks

Jer. Jan 2, 2018     

This app went work on my Samsung note 5 and the developer won't update the app. Stay away from it.

Hak. Oct 8, 2017     

Not bad but not great for my LG l still have to answer with my old phone I'd the pictures are great quality. The only other thing I don't like is the ads that pop up after every call.

Hec. R. Jun 18, 2017     

Too many bugs.. Updating photos from contact list or gallery works on some contacts and doesn't work on others.. Old picture remains even if u update with a new one. Facebook sync option doesn't appear for me.. Answer button doesn't work either.. I have a Nexis 6

Far. M. Dec 18, 2017     

Good.. But the ads are awful anything it also causes pop up ads.

Zos. T. May 15, 2017     

I like it, but when i use picture i can't change

Bay. M. I. Aug 18, 2018     

This is one of my must have apps anytime!

Cie. S. W. Jun 13, 2017     

It works pretty good

Mat. B. Feb 15, 2017     

I downloaded, uninstalled 3 times to remove the ads. Every time I hit the hashed ads it went to pay to remove ads. That is one thing I look for in an app that has the ability to remove ads either free or for a price. So when they offer an app on the free app sites without ads they should pay more attention to make sure the app is as it's offered.

Pea. w. w. Jan 31, 2017     

Absolutely garbage. When I need to answer ad pops up full screen then phone freezes. Can't answer call. DON'T install

Ana. H. P. Dec 18, 2016     

The app is really nice but has some problems. Once a HD photo is assigned for a contact the only way it can be changed is to delete and reinstall the app. Please fix this

Lor. W. Dec 27, 2016     

I got the ad free version but I can't get the ads not to come up! I've put in code.. Help

rup. d. Jan 1, 2017     

Not working properly. Call automatically cut

Bya. J. Feb 27, 2017     

Cool but, with the new Android version 6.00 it's unstable .

SHA. A. Jan 23, 2017     

Nee improvement on call attending.. most it's not working..

Fra. P. Dec 23, 2016     

How do you Sync Facebook Pictures on this Application? I see that you can Sync with Google +. But how do you Sync with Facebook to get the Contact Pictures? Please help me with this Problem. Thanks!

Vin. D. Feb 23, 2017     

Not Working On My mobile. Lollipop 5.1.1

Mik. A. Feb 2, 2017     

Does not work with Facebook.