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G emblem Theme

Is the subject of a dedicated "My Launcher" can change the design of the full screen of the terminal once Android is "My Theme"!Of course, change the home screen icons and designs such as, you can enjoy "search widget" or "clock widget" useful app ever "Live Wallpaper" In addition, it is a rich set of themes!
========================================【Design features】========================================Kisekae emblem appeared glistening shine!No doubt haves "Date Waru " of love gold!

========================================【"My Theme" place setting】========================================Can be changed, following the design of the place setting! ・Home screen ・live wallpaper ・Drawer screen(Background / indicator / Background tab) ・Dock screen(Background /Dock icon) ・Menu screen(Menu icon) ・App icon(40types) ・Folder icon(6types) ・Indicator(HOME screen/Drawer screen) ・Dust Box(Dust Box icon/Background) ・Lock screen background ・Clock widget ・Search Widget

========================================【What is My theme? ?】========================================『This is the theme for example "My Launcher" and "My Theme" Do sake can change the design of the dedicated (Home app).To set the "My Themes" are. You need to install the "My Launcher" in advance.

・Download "My Launcher" is herehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nos_network.launcher.df#

========================================【Setting method】========================================【1】"My Theme" Download → Install the slide down the notification area at the top of the screen【2】Press the Menu button on the hard keys "My Launcher"→Select "My Theme" from the menu screen【3】Select the "My Themes" tab at the top of the screen "My Theme"→Tap the "My Themes" I want to change→Setting is completed!

========================================【Compatible models・OS】========================================・OS support : Android OS 2.3 or higher(Non-tablet)

▼Click here for more compatible modelshttp://mystore-android.net/device.php

========================================【"My Theme" Recommended】========================================Lots the "My Themes" other free♪Available through the "Google Play" or "My Store" "My Theme" appeared one after another.

・Search for"My Store"Special theme "My Launcher", widget, icon, live wallpaper, site delivery!First trial because I have to deliver the theme for free!http://mystore-android.net/mythema.php

・Search for "Google Play"After downloading the Home app, tap on the home screen "NOS Inc."!

========================================【Company that provides】========================================NOS Inc.

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