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Gay or Straight Test Prank

Gay dating or about to gay chat? Unsure if the guy is gay or straight? Unsure if you yourself are gay, lesbian or straight? Is your gaydar broken? People, use the gay straight test! The hero of gay apps is here!

★ Gay straight test
★ Analyze sexual orientation whether gay, lesbian, or straight
★ 2 stage analysis for accuracy
★ Realistic scanning visuals, beautiful pictures and sounds
★ Prank people by forcing the result to be either "Gay" or "Straight"
★ Play jokes on guy friends, girlfriends, men, women, family, and enemies
★ Fun gay games and gay guide
★ Use the app as an ice-breaker at social meets, bars, and as part of your chat up line or routine
★ Be the life of the party at church!

The Gay or Straight Test prank is the funniest of gay detector prank apps, to help determine if you are gay, lesbian, or straight. Picture this
- you're dating, having a nice chat with a guy but you don't trust your gaydar. The easy to use gay straight test will analyze the sexual orientation of your guy. Is he really gay or straight or even lesbian? Use it as a gay guide. Cut the chat and use the app to find out. Or take the test yourself!

So find out your sexual orientation at the press of a button. Then fine-tune the results with the Extended Test using a special algorithm, which plays as a fun mini game! This 2 stage analysis increases accuracy, giving definite results.

Prank other people by using the secret hidden feature to set the result to show either gay or straight! If you like going out to have fun, then with the gay or straight test, coming out will be so much better!

You've ended your search and found your true guy using a dating app. That only gets you halfway. But are you guys really a match? What is their true sexual orientation? Use the Gay or Straight Test to find out instantly!

Stop the search for fun with friends
- the jokes are literally at your fingertips! Download the Gay or Straight Test. Try it on your family, meet friends and social network and get them to take the test too! The results will always get a reaction. Chat to men and women and play jokes on them
- the scanner detector is after all a prank app!

And remember, this jokes app is not just for gay men
- lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and even straight people can all have fun too!

Download and start having fun with the Gay or Straight Test
- a fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you!


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Reviews (30)

Sam. T. Feb 3, 2017     

Guys. This is just a prank. No need to be so up tight about it. Give it a 5 since it tricked you also i am also gay.

Jon. W. Aug 31, 2016     

I am gay yet it just randomly says something like it's your story and you're sticking to it.

Leo. D. Feb 10, 2018     

Avtually this is real. You know how it asks for your location when you download it? Thats for a reason. It works by finding out where you are, and then calculating how far the camera is away from the object being detected. If it doesnt work for you then you have a bad location system or bad connection

Lai. K. Apr 26, 2016     

Ok....im gay right so when im putting left hand fingers on it states GAY but when i put my right it says STRAIGHT and im like so does that mean im BISEX

Pin. S. Jan 30, 2018     

Its actually super funny because you can force it to be "straight" and "gay" would wish there was a random though

Sim. K. Jan 18, 2017     

Absolutely totally works. Allows me to have sex with other men, but have scientific proof that I am infact heterosexual.

i. g. i. t. d. Feb 25, 2017     

This is for a joke app don't take it so serious of course it's wrong so much it's not supposed to be taken seriously

Jes. B. May 30, 2017     

I put my finger on it and it says in gay than I did it again​ this time it says I'm straight. It repeats it offer and offer

Com. G. Feb 4, 2017     

I'm glad I'm straight my friends are calling me gay I don't for what reason

Nan. S. Jan 6, 2017     

It don't give correct information. It takes guesses

Aid. M. Sep 18, 2016     

It said I was confused

Ale. G. Mar 24, 2016     

It keeps saying I'm straight when I'm very much not

Lee. B. Apr 3, 2016     

I dont get the point of this

Nat. R. S. Jun 6, 2016     

Super amusing but it should at least have a bisexual option.

Des. S. Sep 12, 2016     

I am very much lesbian always will be and there is no turning back but it keeps saying straight and it wont change so like fr i dont believe it even has a gay option

Kir. u. Apr 7, 2016     

It told me something different for each finger I put on it

Cor. B. Jun 26, 2016     

It's just fun to prank your friends and family

Tre. M. Aug 22, 2016     

Yayyyyyy it said not gay the whole time

EDM. D. Apr 7, 2016     

Its telling me im gay im not really

Cai. D. Mar 30, 2017     

I love It I found my true man

T. P. Dec 24, 2016     

Funny joke app to play with friends - for the negative reviews, it's a prank app, not serious!!!!

Rap. K. Sep 17, 2016     

I guess i'm gay 9 times and straight 1

aim. w. Mar 24, 2016     

It keeps telling me that I am gay and I am yay but it told ma sus that she was bisexual and she was wft.

Nar. U. Mar 10, 2017     

I'm not frickin gay this app is inaccurate

fox. s. May 11, 2017     

I'm gay and it seems I was strater

Pup. Q. Sep 21, 2017     

It first says that I am gay then it says that I am straight at the end of the test what the heck

L. G. May 7, 2017     

It was funny...it said i was gay and straight and bisexual... (I am bisexual TBH)

Der. W. Dec 24, 2016     

Whatever, it's hilarious!

Dam. B. Jan 14, 2018     

I am not gay at all but it says in gay so I guess I'm gay

Ebo. R. Mar 26, 2017     

I think this app is great A- 👌👍👍👍👍👍