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Ghost Game 2016

Ghost Game gives you chance to see how dare you could be!We heard many people claim themselves are very brave and so man!But in real life in fact this might not be happen to all of us!Not everyone dare to go for a scary movie especially ladies.What is the most horror place we would says hospital with 3D feel.Some people used to cover their eyes when the scary part comes.In this you may lost a lot of great moment by doing that action.Forest is another place that could have thousand of story to tell.This is the reason why we build this app Ghost Game to test you.Play the game test it and show us how high is your brave level!The horror view in hospital is the most scary thing in 3D art. We need to protect people that we love because they are important.We can practice this in many way and playing game is the best way.The more practice we have the braver we will be and this is good!All man must learn to play Ghost Game to show how man you could be.Many people had horror journey in hospital and 3D design movie.Some people also have different of experience in the deep forest.There are just so much of story that we can hear or tell about ghost.
How to play Ghost Game
- Kill all the Ghosts
- Avoid from hurting all the Angels

Do you dare enough to take the challenge? We are in doubt!Guys let's get yourself shock with Ghost Game now!

Category : Arcade

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