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Ghost In Game

Ghost In Game is the latest Scary ghost game available in Play Store now!
Do u believe ghost is existing in this world?Well in this game the answer is YES and it is the most scary ghost.People afraid of ghost but curious to know more about them.This is why we always hear people talking about ghost and sharing their experience.And there is a lot of thing related to ghost available in the market.There are ghost movie, ghost photo frame, ghost camera, ghost picture, ghost song and many more.All these showing ghost is really hot in our surrounding.We are afraid of ghost but we cant deny we just wish to know them more. Try to imaging you are walking alone in the world darkest place and suddenly u saw something in front of you.That must be the most scary moment in your life.For sure we do not hope this would happen as non of us wish to meet ghost alone.Ghost in Game provide some meeting ghost experience for you.So what we can do if this really happen?Should we run away or should we deal with them?And what if you are with your family?Will you protect them or you will be the first to run away?Maybe you cannot answer me because we never know how it feel in real.We just bless we are not alone when dealing with them.sIn this Ghost In Game you need to go through few missions.Those missions is not really tough but need your little focusing.If you passed all the missions you will be safe.Else we show you a little surprise if you failed to complete the missions.Remember, we do not hope the worst thing happen.So you must pass all the missions.

How to play Ghost In Game

1) Move the ghost to collect all hearts

2) Do not touch the wall else Game Over

3) If you touch the wall we have a little SURPRISE for you and we are sure that you like it!

Pick a character and start the scary journey now.We believe this will be the most unforgettable ghost game you ever play in your life!Challenge this Ghost In Game now and remember to share with your friends!

Category : Arcade

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