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Ghost Observer Scary detector

World's #1 Ghost hunting app.
Detect and see ghosts on live video. Hear their creepy voices, and ask them questions!

Ghost observer is a professional quality spiritism tool to detect, observe and communicate with ghosts. It uses advanced technology tracker to record and analyze paranormal activity on film, which is the best way to interact with the spirit world. Each ghost has its own electro-magnetic signature that can be processed to figure out details about the ghosts characteristics and history.

* Ghost and spectre captured on live video
* Ghost radar detector
* Hear the ghost's voice
* Spirit Translator available
* Sensor amplification tuning
* Frequency spectrum tuning
* Ouija board spiritism
* EMF locator
* EVP locator

This emf sensor is Best used in an haunted house. Please be aware that we offer no not guarantees of accuracy or any warranties. Given the fact that paranormal activity cannot be verified scientifically, this app should be used for entertainment purposes. Supernatural can be very Scary!! The best paranormal activity sensor!! It will haunt you.

Video of the app : https://youtu.be/J2PXrEH-XyQ


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