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Ghost Sonar (Ghost Detector)

Ghost Sonar is a Ghost Hunting Tool for professionals and beginners alike and will help you detect anomalies in your environment!
Ghost Sonar uses a variety of sensors in your phone or tablet to interpret your environment. Anomalies are detected and interpreted through the available sensors in your phone, EVP signals are being interpreted through amplifying the underlying signals that are being picked up by your devices microphone.

• Ghost Sonar is in constant development and as we are gathering and interpreting data, we will refine and improve upon our existing system. Experience reports with times and occurrences as well as personal interpretations are welcome and will help us improve!

• For most accurate results, we recommend using speakers, since part of the detection happens through interpreting the audio signal from the devices speakers. If you are experiencing constant volume warnings, please reduce the speaker volume slowly until warnings don't appear anymore.

• Ghost Sonar cannot guarantee accuracy and/or give any warranties since the results cannot be scientifically verified. This ghost detector application is intended for novelty purposes only!

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