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Ghostify: Ghost Camera

Want to see ghosts in your pictures? Make ghost photos of yourself?
Ghostify is a fun app designed to create pictures of you that are partially transparent, leading to a "ghostly" or "invisible" effect.

You simply take one picture, then add a ghost in for the second picture. Any ghosts added between the two pictures can be made as transparent or opaque as you want. You can take the two photos manually, or use the "autocamera" feature to take them both hands-free.

Previously,you would have needed to use photo editing software to achieve this spooky effect, now you can do it all in one app.

The app allows you to

Once you're ghostly, you can apply further effects to the whole image, including
* Black and White
* Sepia tone
* Brightness
* Noise

These create a quirky,"vintage" look for the photo to make the ghostly effect even more creepy.

At Halloween, or any time of the year, Ghostify is a must-have app to create a unique and interesting profile picture of you as a ghost. You can pose as the invisible man, or fade away your legs to make your torso float in mid-air.

You can save your Ghostify picturess to your device, or share them via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others. Prank your friends and creep them out by adding ghosts to your images.

Ghostify is built by friendly developers in the UK. Feedback is massively appreciated.

Category : Photography

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