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Watch live and archived broadcasts from Gigity.TV's live streaming service. Contribute your own "CrowdCasts"; photos that you capture from live concert and theater events, to be combined with other fans' media. Chat and connect with people at live events and concerts, as well as those watching live at home.

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (6)

Ft_. J. v. G. Mar 20, 2017     

Glad I accidentally found this app. It would be even better if the app had buttons on archived shows for jump 10seconds ahead, 3x fast-forward ahead, and jump 30 seconds ahead. That way, I could fast-forward through dead silence at the start of a show.

Jon. W. Dec 11, 2015     

Look at the stuff on here!!! Top notch for music and entertainment and a great interface.

Sir. E. S. Feb 23, 2015     

This means, I get to watch my favorite show....Stoop Style Stories. Yay for Gigity on the go!

Ton. M. Feb 1, 2015     

Chrome Web version and app both wouldn't playback audio for David Hayes at the elbo room. IPad version worked fine...

Ant. M. Jan 8, 2015     

Works great for watching live concerts

joe. m. Jun 13, 2016     

Video has no sound on my Android HTC M9