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Join our community of girls and guys who share their experiences to help each other see the world through the opposite gender’s perspective.
Ask questions, create polls and get opinions from thousands of girls and guys instantly. With GirlsAskGuys you can:

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Category : Social

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Reviews (30)

Rea. V. E. Mar 14, 2022     

Update: After Day 3 of using it, instant uninstall. When I logged out of the app I couldn't get logged in again. I didn't even have the chance to delete my info there considering I used my Google Account so ig my name is just floating there. Still, not the best of apps, I couldn't even attach pictures there, and when I try to I always end up duplicating the photo in my gallery, that's hella annoying. Also, most of the people there are either horny or misogynists so, no thanks.

Joe. S. Sep 2, 2019     

The developers had a really good idea and ran with it. The app works perfectly and clearly had a lot of thought put into it's design which shows. Overall really fun, usefull and educational. Have fun :) (Edit: maybe a little bit less of an oppressive limit at the start would be appreciated, 2 questions a day is really small. I don't feel like people would hard spam if they had a few more)

Kei. U. May 9, 2021     

The app is VERY buggy! I use the website on my PC to get anything done. The log out option does not work. It looks like it doesn't do anything, but if you try again, the app crashes. Even manually clearing the data and cache, you will still get notifications somehow. Also, there is a blue bar across the top of the screen that "suggests" that you turn notifications on. You can close the bar out, but it will not accept NO for an answer. It will return over and over till you accept!

Gab. S. Oct 5, 2018     

It was fine even though there were too many ads. Even if I open the app, close it, and move onto something else, it will take me back to the app just to show the ad. Everything I did i had an ad shoved In my face. It kicked me out of my account, yet still sent notifications. Everytime I tried to log back in, it would say that the information either didn't exist or was incorrect. Okay app when it worked.

Rob. A. Sep 21, 2018     

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! Every other tap and your device is hijacked with a full page ad (even ones with annoying music) that even has a forced timer before one fat-fingers the "x" near the top. These ads makes this painful to browse let alone answer any questions. The site is just as bad with the forced video ads on the bottom of the screen. Uninstaller!

Isa. V. Mar 14, 2022     

After updating the app, I'm no longer allowed to log in. It keeps telling me to enter a valid email address when I'm typing the email address that I signed up with. Do better, GaG.

Ozz. Z. Sep 22, 2018     

The concept is pretty cool. My issue is I get pop up advert every 3-5 seconds. This is not exaggeration. I LITERALLY don't have enough time to finish reading the title of a question or private message before a new pop up advertisement invades my screen. It makes the app unenjoyable and unusable. Garbage. This app used to be ok.

Adi. B. Jan 3, 2022     

Tried several times to send a verification email through app and website you no avail. Difficult to find notifications (no 'bell' icon). Responding to questions then redirected to a general question page. Formatting for replies is subpar; no 'advanced' stylization, no ability to quote, 'enter' button rarely gave a new line. Appeared cluttered and no organization for questions was apparent.

Mar. P. Apr 23, 2022     

I like the website, but this app is a such buggy dogsh*t! Constant issues with it! It won't log me in. And even when it DID work, the interface is stupid and doesn't have buttons on top to get where you need to go. So you're constantly backtracking to the main menu. This app SUCKS!

Bar. L. Nov 12, 2021     

I really like the concept but.... I'm having several technical issues with the app. Right now every app on my phone works properly except this one and it says that I am not online which is totally wrong because everything else is working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app still the same issue. Like I said I like the concept what time I've been in there it's been pretty cool but I can't get in there.

Lau. G. May 24, 2019     

recently new at this app, found getting around it a little intimidating but with a little persistance i am sure i wil get to know it fully to make an excellent turn around. i love the idea that you can blog instance and let a wide an variety of people aware what's happening in the world around us. A few clicks boom the world is your oyster. In all a good idea but a little longer to adapt to it.

Chr. C. Sep 21, 2018     

I've given this app the worst rating possible because it's so riddled with ads that it won't allow me to do anything. Ad after ad after ad will pop up. I close one and another pops up. Please fix this, and I will change my rating. I understand a few ads to make a profit, but that's ridiculous!

Mar. P. Oct 29, 2020     

This app is beyond broken. It is buggy, has almost no notification features to cut them on or off, and will auto log you out with no way to log back in. What incompetent programmer made this app?! The site itself is nice and very politically centrist, unlike most of the very far-left ones out there, but the app is literally unusable and has too many broken features in it, including not being able to log in again.

Dam. F. May 14, 2021     

The service is really good. Good people asking and answering questions honestly. The app is POINTLESS! It is buggy beyond repair. Go to the mobile site in your favorite browser, login, go to the browser menu and add it to your home screen. If you like push notification, then allow it from the site. Just STAY AWAY FROM THIS POS APP! (two stars for good service/site and to be seen.)

Ang. M. Nov 20, 2019     

It's amazing although there is something wrong with the question system. After I type my question,(always under max letters) it always pops up with an error screen. Saying something about the title needing to be in between 15-140 characters roughly. But I never have titles longer than 15-20 characters. Plz fix.

Syr. S. Oct 16, 2020     

Keeps logging me out almost everyday, disconnets from the servers suddenly without any warning, I'd be writing a very long opinion and it won't post after that because even though my internet connection is excellent, the app just disconnects from the server, and Im left with an infinite loading icon, it doesnt even give me an error and keeps me stuck, using the back button to escape the loading loop discards my opinion, and the app wouldn't even reconnect to the servers again until I restart.

Mad. P. Sep 15, 2018     

There are too many ads that pop up constantly and you can't navigate away. It was not this bad 3 months ago. You need experience points to post more than once a day, add pics to posts, and do other things. But it really makes no sense as to why they limit users since you can't pay for upgraded features or anything. Not that anything on this app is worth money. But it forces you to use the app way less. The chatting feature is terrible. You can't send links or pics or hide posts from people you don't like. I use Banta or Whisper when I want to ask all the questions that I want and post whenever I want and talk to locals.

Nih. Sep 7, 2020     

Absolutely horrible experience with technical difficulties with this app. I am unable to create, verify or link an account at all with this app. The desktop version of the we site works perfectly. But for some reason this app will not detect outlook emails what so ever. It will tell you time and again that your account does not exist. Even if you created the account from the app itself. I deleted my old account in hopes that it would resolve my issues by signing up with a new account. Nope.

Sav. Z. Sep 27, 2018     

WAY TOO MANY ADS! It took me an hour just to ask a question, haven't even been able to fully read questions to answer. As soon as I close an ad another one pops up! Good concept but useless with all the ads.

Zum. R. Sep 14, 2021     

It could've been a great app only if you solved all these freaky head hammering bugs. I can't even login. Every time when i go to login it gives me headache. Mostly it says about credentials and acc doesn't exist. Like seriously man!!! Today after several try when i was unable to login i tried to anoyher way by clicking "forgot the password". They said they will send me instruction to repair password. Lmao. In which year you are going to send that bloody mail?

Bry. T. Apr 11, 2020     

Login Needs to be fixed!! It keeps logging me out every time I close the app and when I first made my account I decided to sign in with google, so that's what I click to get back in and every other time it takes me to the page to set up a new account, there needs to be a way to stay logged into the app consistently and a way to get back in with my google account easily. Otherwise I love the concept of the app

Rya. S. Sep 15, 2019     

The experience is interesting. Format is solid. Interface is intuitive. Responses are quick and fairly intelligent. The poinions posted are are mature and thoughtful, thought provoking and witty. Fun to use.

F13. F. Mar 3, 2021     

Apparently I have an account already associated with my email, I try to reset my password but I'm not receiving the reset password email. I try logging in with Google also won't let me log in, tried logging in with face book, well it created an account but nothing happens I'm still on the login screen. It just tells me that I'm logged in... worthless app, I feel like I just agreed to give all my info for free.

Jor. C. Aug 16, 2021     

Constantly logs me out randomly and then logging back in makes the site somehow forget I even made an account. Frequently links sent to me by GaG in PM don't work even when I exit the app and clear my phone cache. Search function is piss poor, almost as bad as Reddit and Steam smh. The UI is somewhat confusing compared to other social networking apps and it doesn't really have any advantages over the website. At least there's no censorship or extreme political biases though.

Kar. D. May 23, 2019     

It absolutely amazing and hilarious!! I am connecting with people again!! Amended: I like it better when I can actually choose to click on a topic n not have things just put up there for the cruel fun of it.

Kho. T. Sep 21, 2018     

Literally unusable because if the ads. I tried to check out the app and saw like 7 ads! Ended up with 2 minutes of ads and 15 seconds actually using the app. Unbelievable.

ywc. C. Mar 14, 2022     

Horrible system. The moment you log out, it doesn't recognise your identity and you can't login anymore. This happened to me twice and I'm fed up fighting with it.

Jam. B. Oct 2, 2018     

Used to be great. Now unusable as it pops up an advert literally every 2-3 seconds. You don't even have time to read anything anymore because it is just ad spam. Waste of time. Don't bother till it's fixed.

Wae. A. Apr 7, 2022     

Very good but we need the option to add friends not only follow them.

qui. m. Apr 4, 2022     

Every time I open the app it asks me to turn on notifications. I don't want them. Please stop asking