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GNet CCTV - IP Camera Viewer

App allows to view streams from your IP Camera, DVR, NVR or any image that you want.

13 Window layouts allows you to define up to 16 JPG/MJPEG IP Camera streams simultaneously and watch it in your home, work place, on the lake and in front of your camera, laughing on it.

- 16 Camera Support
- JPG/MJPEG Stream support
- Internal/External Camera Feed paths with Dynamic network change detection (WIFI / CELLULAR)
- 13 Windows Layout
- Ability to remember last selected layout on app restart
- Ability to keep screen alive
- Ability to show text overlay with various text positions, colors and sizes
- Dashboard mode support
- Camera Auth Support

App can be used to view CCTV cameras on Mobile Phone, Tablet or Android TV.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (4)

Ri. Z. Jul 25, 2019     

BS of an app. doesnt connect to NVR

Gle. M. Dec 9, 2020     

Have not got a clue how to add cameras, what a waste of money, DO NOT BUY, you will be dissapointed. No instructions, no trial, no wonder :-(

Cam. M. Nov 9, 2020     

Cant figure out how to configure. No user guide or even where to find info.

Jos. R. Aug 14, 2021     

Couldn't figure it out