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GO Hunting: Archery Edition

MyGO games has partnered with some of the world’s leading outdoor brands to offer players a realistic, fun and exciting mobile game: GO Hunting: Archery Edition.
Head into the outdoors and experience the thrill of Big Game Hunting, 3D shoots and unique arcade challenges in this first-of-its kind game. Avid archers and bowhunters can finally maintain their edge in the off-season, while players new to the sport have the unique opportunity, at their fingertips, to see why archery is one of our fastest growing sports. Choose from thousands of bow, quiver, and accessory setups from your favorite brands! From shooting targets, wild game to aliens and zombies, the playing combinations are astounding.

GO with your recurve, compound or crossbow and step up to the challenge of multiple bowsports; including 3D Shoots, Big Game, and Wild Arcade shooting events, all set in spectacular outdoor locations.

GO Hunting: Archery Edition allows users to experience the thrill of the hunt virtually anywhere with amazing quality and a range of features:

- An assortment of sights, rests, arrows and more provide hundreds of bow setups!
- The only game with equipment accurately modeled from the bestselling brands you know and love!
- A variety of environments, weather conditions, camera angles and target types provide incredible depth of play.
- Highly detailed 3D art and scenery make the most of your Android device!

Category : Action

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