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Godzilla: Strike Zone

Join a squadron of military heroes on a dangerous mission to face the ultimate force of nature: GODZILLA. Experience the breathtaking high-altitude sky jump from the movie as you air-drop into a devastated San Francisco and embark on a series of first-person rescue missions to evacuate survivors before it's too late. Your courage has never been more needed than it is today. See GODZILLA in theaters May 16.

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

Elr. L. Nov 1, 2014     

Please add more missions or even side mission and please can you improve graphics, its kindda bad but it gives alot new meaning to gaming. Thanks And more, please create a multiplayer version of this which people try to kill godzilla and create a social type of game where people can buy and sell or trade their stuff. JUST SUGGESTING I hope you read this. Btw the game is awesomeeeee

C. G. Feb 28, 2016     

The game is great but the sky diving mission is hard and laggy because you could die but you didn't bit anything. Anyone one that says its boring and has bad controls are just spammers and jerks trying to discourage people from playing the game. But the controls for the sky diving does need some work.

Dec. V. Nov 22, 2015     

It's ok and also can you fix the problem it says low memory then return to my home screen I don't know why l checked the RAM and the space it's still large while it's says here low memory

Non. p. M. Jul 8, 2016     

It would be alright if I didn't have to use tilt controls and I can't get passed the parachute stage where you're dodging buildings. I really wanted to like this, but the tilt controls messed it up. My advice to you Warner Bros. is to make an update to where the player can switch the controls to normal for people who like the standard controls and tilt for the people who like that. I have to agree with Victor Sanchez, the controls are bad and the first mission is impossible.

Gou. s. S. Apr 2, 2017     

Do not download. This game is more of an acrobatic stunt practice than any action you might expect. Controls are very bad. All the time you are made to go through deserted streets and debris, climb buildings and walk pipes. You cannot shoot anything that the gamer dose not desire you to. You make a puppet (fool) in the hands of the gamer. What more, every time you try to make the destined acrobatic stunts, you fall and start over again. I am fed up of thia nonsense.

Cos. May 25, 2014     

I went into this game without any expectations. I am glad I did this game has confusing objectives, too few levels, poor controls, and poor constancy with the movie it is based on. Signaling for a copter doesnt make sense when the MUTOs (the enemy kaiju in the film) use EMPs to fry anything electrical. Not recommended

Ale. S. May 20, 2014     

look, this game has MASSIVE potential. Its sick, what there is of it at least. Its really creepy you know, hearing godzilla noises. But, there are only THREE levels. I hope they update it more, but yeah download it so warner will want to update this sick game. I give it 4 stars only because it has only 3 levels.

RJ. L. Jun 7, 2014     

This title is to get people pumped over the new Godzilla movie however, I think it should've been way better. The controls are cluttered, I did not what so ever enjoy the parachute mission, clunky job and the other missions are not fun at all, all you do is run from Godzilla, avoid electric water and rescue citizens. The gun has very little use and the game is constantly freezing. Terrible terrible terrible 2/5.

Adr. W. Jul 14, 2017     

Great graphics with good sound like all your little movie tie-in games, of which I have many. However, brutal collision detection whilst attempting to paraglide between buildings will only allow me to ' Paint the Town Red'. Multiple attempts only succeeds in breaking every bone in my face. Rage quitting. Godzilla wins.

Jul. D. C. May 25, 2014     

We need more levels! Pls add more levels like going into a building and rescuing people in an airport. Please add more levels I'm excited to play more levels with much more challenging obstacles... keep on the good work, this game is one of the top new free games. Please add these stuff and less lag and I will rate 5 stars

Vel. M. May 17, 2014     

I give this game 5 stars in order to encourage the developers to continue their work on the game. Although it plays the function of a game-trailer and was a bit short, it was great fun. For a 90MB game the grafics were good, but please fix the controls. I can't use both control pads in the same time, because my character begins to spin in all directions. And perhaps after the movie has come out, you could expand it. Give it 6 or 7 missions with the same lenght, and it will be priceless. Great work.

Ear. J. Nov 16, 2014     

Only 3 levels, all of them are bad, full of cheap deaths caused by dirt because it's like walking on ice, you can only fire your weapon when the game wants you to, graphics are good but the game play stinks, MUTO's can heard in the background but never seen, Godzillas arrival is overshadowed because of the horrible game play

Dar. Apr 30, 2016     

If you made more missions then it would be funner than 3.You should keep making more games with these kinds of graphics.This game could of had alot more potential if you had put more levels and at least updated it.This game is very good and I won't give 5 stars till you make more games like this and make this game longer.Because nobody likes a 10 minute game.This game was a little challenging please make more levels.This game shows alot of potential and is really on my top 20 games list.

Mar. M. May 27, 2014     

This has some nice graphics and cut scenes but only 3 levels to play. On top of that the game is very linear and has very little game interaction. I feel like I was walking or running the whole game. As I said, its a great movie trailer but has no game or replay value.

Eni. P. May 27, 2014     

This is a halo wanna be game and it sucks with a capital S and the makers and designers of this game should be ashamed of themselves the controls is uncontrollable unresponsive and they don't work what so ever and then when they do work there's a delay within seconds one second two seconds of a delay means a lot the game sucks

Noi. S. May 19, 2014     

I love this gane since i first played it! But the graphics need to be improved and add more details!Also the sounds are not really good, they should be improved! Add more missions too because i finished this game in like 15 minutes (because of all the times i died). Fix these three things and i will give 5 stars

Bea. A. Jun 2, 2014     

If youare planning on getting this on your phone or whatever, FORGET IT. The lag is terrible, half the things that can kill you like cars are just invisible! When you arerunning from godzilla it lags so hard you basically cannot move! The part where you are meant to jump to be safe from godzilla is impossible with the lag! And overall the gameplay is bad, only 3 levels? Seriously this game is just terrible.

Art. A. May 20, 2014     

This is a very good game, it should get a online rescue royal, you can be solo or a team to save as many people as possible and then a timer to save your self to get on the helicopter. Also new levels and a new map idea like Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris and other places as well. Then I give it a 5 star rating. :-)

Oct. S. Jun 1, 2014     

The halo jump is ruined by the gyro, horrid controls, constant lag and muuch too laggy for half the platforming they expect you to do. Everything in this lets me down except for when you get to see godzilla all of...10 seconds all together in the game.

Mat. P. May 31, 2014     

This is poor development at its finest. My girlfriend and I were both very excited to play this... Until we downloaded it at the same time and realized that the controls are so broken that neither of us could get past the first parachute scene. It's impossible not to crash into the buildings, then it just resets you to the exact same spot where all you do is keep crashing into the same building. Not worth downloading.

Ste. M. May 31, 2015     

I finally got a chance to play the game and guess what happens the steering doesn't work at all. Are you guys that f***ing stupid that you guys can't fix multiple issues at once or what the f*** is your guys problem. Deleting again till you guys use your brains and actually can fix more then one issue at a time. I was really looking forward to playing this game but so far you guys have just been a total complete let down. If I could I would give this -10 stars but I can't.

Edr. R. Jun 17, 2014     

This game is worse than Matthew Broderick's acting in 2000's Godzilla. Anyone giving this game more than 1* has to be a creator of this mess. I hate leaving bad reviews but i hate when they put crap like this on the market for fans who really look forward for to anything that represents a brand they love. The controls are insulting. When i finally made it past the 1st lvl after 100 tries (literally) where i was supposed to run from Godzilla i actually ran towards him to be put out of my misery.

con. s. Jan 8, 2015     

the controls for just looking is the most jumpy thing on the face of the earth you try and look one degrees your turned around 180 but you can look one degrees when you're not running which means if you try and run away from Godzilla and you have to make a right turn you're dead because you end up running straight for Godzilla meeting his foot hand on

_BR. Jun 7, 2014     

Horrible controls, especially with tilt controls. Calibrating didn't help. Neither did adjusting aim sensitivity. It's also poorly optimized. On a phone that just came out with 4 or more GB of ram, it shouldn't be lagging. I wanted to like this game but it's just turned out to be a steaming pile of crap.

Ran. t. -. ع. ا. Aug 31, 2017     

Very nice and addictive game. But it needs a new update with more missions. So short game because of that I gave only 3 stars but really I loved this game so additive plz more missions soon as possible... The best grafics and controls but really it only needs more mission like shooting the godzilla and much more its an amazing game...

Jer. Jun 1, 2014     

I know it's a promo demo but this game is surprisingly good. The graphics are decent for an android game, and the level design is pretty good. I like the cinematic atmosphere of the game. On the con side, touchscreen controls are not the best for games with jumping puzzles like this one. Levels are a bit *too* scripted. Some slanted surfaces are too slippery. It's also a good thing this game is short as there isn't much variety in the gameplay to keep you interested very long. Overall, worth a play!

Mer. May 17, 2014     

It lags a bit although the gameplay is really fun. I just wish there was a storyline to it and more levels. You just have to understand the control scheme which I recommend you put an advanced tutorial level for people who do not understand. Is there any chance you get to be godzilla cause that would be awesome .

Adm. Jul 21, 2014     

I started the game and it shows only 2 things.Warner bros and legendary. It doesn't go farther than that.I waited for half an hour and still it was on the same thing. Please try and fix it and then I would rate higher. Thank u for listening to me

dar. s. May 25, 2014     

I had a pretty low expectations downloading this, but now I can't find a single complaint. Good graphics, flawless performance, nice controls and atmosphere and a few memorable levels of gameplay for just a minute of free download! And the recording function is simply awesome ! Great job, WB

Ray. M. I. May 28, 2016     

I enjoyed it for the 10-20minutes it took to finish... I was happy the controls were slightly difficult to play with, it kept me interested. The length of and storyline(missions) of it all was just horrible though. 4 stars for the decent graphics(for a quick phone game), and slight difficulty of the controls. If it were not for those two, it would have been 2 stars all day..... I was bored, so freeing up my boredom while better games downloaded would have been worth 2 in my book.