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Google Duo

Everything relies on its simplicity

Google claims it, the success of this app relies on its simplicity. Once the app is downloaded, register your phone number and you are ready to video call every contact you have. To video call, Google Duo just need your phone number and your acquaintance’s. Of course he or she needs to have downloaded the app as well. There is no need to create a Google account, your number is enough.

Google Duo characteristics

- easy to use
- free app
- available for Android and iOS (thus allows you to call anyone on any mobile phone)
- Knock Knock function, only with your registered contacts
- encrypted conversation, protecting your privacy
- automatically use mobile data when Wi-Fi is unavailable to use
- 30 seconds to accept or refuse a video call

An accessible app for everyone

The convenience of Google Duo is its biggest asset. There is no need to « tame » this app, you just need to select the person you want to contact and launch the video call. Child’s play. Available both on Android and iOS, it allows you to call any of your friend, no matter what kind of phone he/she owns. The only condition is that he or she download the app.
The video call app avoids interruption due to lack of internet connexion. To do this, Google Duo automatically use mobile data if the Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Your video calls are secure

For more safety and usage comfort, Google Duo offers the Knock Knock function. The person receiving the call can see the video of the caller before answering. Being able to have an idea of where your contact (in a very busy street or in a calm environment at home, etc.) let the contact knowingly accept or refuse the call.
This feature is only available with your contacts, avoiding calls from more or less malicious strangers. You have 30 seconds to accept the incoming call, beyond this lead time it will be automatically rejected.
Your conversations are encrypted and thus protected. Your privacy is totally respected. Google Duo allows you, of course, to block some phone numbers, contact whoever you want and be contacted by whoever you want.
Enjoy your video calls easily and safely.

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