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Grades: Ultimate

Always stay ahead of your grades with The Grades App, its a quick and convenient way to view your grades without going through the hassle of entering your password every time you do so.
This app is compatible with all school districts that use Aeries.

Features include:
Adding mock assignments to predict what score you need to get on the next assessment.
Manipulating assignment grades to make yourself feel better
Gorgeous themes to suit your preferences

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (30)

Ell. Jan 31, 2022     

I really love this app, especially the feature figuring out the test score needed to get a certain overall grade. Unfortunately, as of recently, it no longer let's me log in. Uninstalling/reinstalling the app isn't working.

Cla. L. Oct 25, 2020     

Hey first of all it's a great app, I downloaded some other grade apps and none of them come close to the amount of features it adds. However, the ads are a bit disastrous. You can't exactly close out of them, when you do it says "hey I need the money watch the full ad" and sends you right back in with a different ad, sometimes longer than the original. I would sacrifice a small orphan child for just a banner ad at the bottom, or maybe just an ad that shows up that you can exit out of. (Fixed)

Jon. N. Dec 14, 2020     

This is a very good app to check your school grades. It is very clean and organized and also allows you to customize to your liking. It also has the ability to add mock assignments to see how it affects your grade before your teachers put it on. It also serves as a way to see how well you have to achieve on a test to maintain what letter grade you are at. Something I would improve on are the ads. When adding mock assignments, adds sometimes cover the plus button and you can't keep adding.

Kia. M. Jan 4, 2022     

I absolutely love this app but recently it hasn't been letting me login. It's saying my info is wrong when it's not. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still didn't work. I saw that other people were having this issue too so I thought I'd also let you know. This app totally deserves 5 stars which I will definitely give once this problem is cleared up :)

Ana. T. Jul 31, 2021     

I've used this app for the last two years and really really like it. I wish all grade apps would connect to parent portal or whatever website a school's teachers use to post grades so that students don't have to put them in manually. And of course figuring out how well I need to do on a final is great too. For whatever reason, I'm just getting a grey screen when I open it now, but hopefully this can be fixed before the start of the coming school year.

Rya. V. May 16, 2021     

It's nice. It works as expected. My only problems, and this is really just me nitpicking, but its constantly asking me to swipe right to change the theme of class that i don't want to change the theme of and i need to slide down just a bit more than is comfortable to refresh the page. It's perfect other than that.

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2019     

Exactly the app I was looking for! Great UI design and I don't have to sign in just to access my grades everytime. It's speedy, intuitive, and I love the customizability. Thank you for making this!

A. G. u. Nov 12, 2019     

Newest Update 11/11/19: the bug has been fixed and it works great, only getting ads every three days. The new interface and the new part that shows you what change since you last went onto the app 11/7/19: Changing my 5 star review to an 1 star review. Ads ruined this app 100%. Why not use a banner instead; implemented in between grades or at the bottom. 30 second unskippable ads are completely outrageous. This app has "ultimate"-ly been ruined and destroyed by the new ads.

Saa. B. Nov 12, 2021     

Best. Grades. App. Ever. Ads are small and banner ads at the bottom of the screen. Very intuitive and easy to use. Also love the themes I would like to see a reverse Grayslake theme.

A. G. u. Dec 22, 2019     

Works perfectly!!! I can see all my grades for all of my coirses clearly and I edit or add/remove components of my grade to see their effect. The addition if color cordibation for letter or grades and themes is superfluous, but much appreciated. Merry Christmas!!! πŸŽ…

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2019     

This app should completely replace the aeries app like cmon it's more aesthetically pleasing, it's simpler, it's less glitchy, it's FREE AND NO ADS, and it's infinitely more customizable knowing most district apps just have 0 customizability 200/10 would get an F just to see the color again

Zhe. W. Dec 19, 2021     

"Swipe right on me" appears randomly on multiple course names simultaneously (sometimes even after refreshing) even though I've already changed the theme. Other than that it's good.

A. G. u. Apr 12, 2020     

To: Arthur Facredyn, Arthur I love this app app so much and how I can predict my grades. But, the one thing that makes me love it is your humorπŸ˜‚. An ad popped up, I closed it, and you said "bruh, just watch the ad, I need it" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thanks Man a lot for creating this app. I hope you make a lot of money. Thanks bro.

Jos. V. Aug 11, 2020     

Great free app, ads are occasionally a hassle. The somewhat active Dev is pretty chill. EDIT: The dev fixed the ads so they are fairly infrequent/non-obtrusive. Best grades app, still.

A. G. u. Nov 8, 2019     

Recent update broke the app, you can't skip ads without the app crashing. Good UI, the ads are horrendous though.

A. G. u. Oct 29, 2019     

Solid app, works good and is efficient. Love the different themes to change up the look. Easy to use and reliable

A. G. u. Oct 23, 2019     

This app is amazing. When aeries had began to shut down, I had no way if checking my grades. This app has helped me easily and quickly check what my grades are. Thank you so much!

A. G. u. May 27, 2019     

It's an excellent app-- fun to use and really easy too. Just like the aeries app, even better. This is a great app to use and the creator is very helpful and friendly too.

A. G. u. Jun 12, 2019     

for me only my grades how none of the assignments which means I cant check anything. but even though I had these issues they helped out quickly. And the issue wasnt even their fault.

A. G. u. Feb 13, 2019     

Works just as intended! A very vibrant app filled with many colors and the mock assignment feature helps a ton.

Kai. W. Aug 24, 2020     

Love the app, almost makes checking my grades fun. The interface is very user friendly and I was surprised to see my grades were accurate compared to Aries. Great job homie

A. G. u. Sep 5, 2019     

Amazing app! I would even say that this is the best grades app out there. Very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing design.

A. G. u. Feb 13, 2019     

its a very nice and user oriented design and very snappy as well. this app definitely is better than other apps out there and easier to use

Nat. Sep 6, 2020     

This app is great, awesome colors, and have the same features as aeries! You should give it a try it's awesome!

A. G. u. Jan 28, 2020     

good app that never bugs out. tho the ads are annoying, but its understandable since they need to make money somehow.

A. G. u. Apr 8, 2019     

This app is a good step in the right direction but here are a couple things I would change: Rounder buttons when you click on assignments Global themes

Aru. P. Apr 27, 2022     

Really good, a very useful app!

Ash. P. Oct 6, 2021     

It is just like the old grades that got shut down back In 2017 or so. Way better than school provided apps.

A. G. u. Jan 30, 2020     

Was a great app for grades but now I'm getting spammed with ads whenever I open the app I would of just paid a dollar or something to have them removed lol time for a new alternative

A. G. u. May 29, 2019     

Love the app does just as it says it does and gets fast responses to problems you are having. Loving the app and is now my go to grades app.