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Grand Sphere

Play Android's #1 Top Free RPG Adventure Today!
◇◆ An all-new FANTASY RPG experience! ◆◇

Explore the wonders of "Astrum" ― a world filled with mystery and magic!


Risk it all to return what is lost!

You are a Grand Sphere, one who possesses an immense power only granted to few.

Command your knights to protect Astrum and rescue Princess Stella of the Tellan Empire.

Your adventure as a GrandSphere begins NOW!

□■ Exciting new SPHERE BATTLE System! ■□

-Command Spheres to launch devastating attacks!-Unleash lethal Skills to pulverize foes!-Create the ultimate party with over 150 Units to choose from!

□■ REAL-TIME battle with up to 4 players! ■□

-Gather your friends to take down tough Bounty Bosses!-Share messages during battles to rally your allies!-Connect Sphere Chains to unleash Sphere Surges!

□■ POWERFUL storyline! ■□

-YOU are the hero of Astrum!-Enjoy an emotional adventure you'll never forget!

□■ DRAMATIC voice acting! ■□

-Characters come to life through famous Japanese voice actors!

■Princess Stella
- CV: Asami Seto

■Eioh the Servant
- CV: Rumi Okubo

■Comette the Automaton
- CV: Aya Suzaki

■Luhmer the Strategist
- CV: Toshihiko Seki



Free-to-play (in-game purchases available)

Category : Role Playing

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