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Hand Massage

Hand massage(hand acupuncture/acupressure) is the most popular and proven healing massage in the world.
It has long history from Ancient Orient(China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and etc) and Europe(France, Greece and Sweden) as a folk remedy.

This hand massage is a collection of services and various theories spread from all over the world .We collect common acupuncture points and qualified stimulations from those theories.

Using this Hand massage application as follow:

1. Select physical symptoms in the menu to check for the point of the acupressure acupuncture.

2. Get acupressure the points with sharp tool which could not hurt you(your nails also available) by comparing and matching points in the picture and your hand.

3. It is also good way that taping with a firm stuff (such as a grain of rice or bean).

4. You can press the point many times in a minute or just pressing it during long time.

5. Do not use this too long time. You can feel dizziness.

Please, just use this application helping improve your symptoms.Don't confuse. this is not a medical practice.

Eye strain, Diet, Carsick, Constipation, Chronic constipation, Cramps, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Acute indigestion, Hangover, Over sensitive, Headache, Stop smoking, Shoulder discomfort, Neck pain, Driving fatigue, Fatigue recovery, Withdrawal symptoms

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