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Haunted Forest Escape Run 3D

Get ready for the ultimate run of your life and survive the haunted forest.
Play as a Haunted Forest Runner and escape from horrible spookies!!

The holiday adventure in the forest went horribly wrong. You are stuck in a haunted forest infested by all sort of ghosts and spooky things. The only chance to survive and escape is to run as fast as you can. Beware there are all type of deadly hurdles and ghostly creature on the way. Horrible atmosphere getting on your nerves but you must not panic and run with all your strength to escape.

This scary game will test your nerves as your run through the haunted forest while dodging ghosts, skeletons, falling stones, nailed doors and many more creepy hurdles. Jump over the tree trunks, skid through the branches and dodge the fire holes

Haunted Forest Escape Run 3D Features:• Enjoy the most epic & Thrilling fast paced gameplay• Amazing 3D graphics• Realistic endless running experience• Simple and Intuitive Controls.• Beautiful 3D Haunted forest Environment• Jungle Crowded with spooky’s• Numbers of collectible to collect: Coins & Boosters etc

Best Endless Running adventures just one click away.

Category : Action

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