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HD Photo Editor

"HD Photo Editor" is free application professional photo editor and photo effects, with a simple interface and easy to use, it will create wonderful photo with high definition
"HD Photo Editor" provides effects and design professional will give you the best photo editor way and photo effects way and easy with one click

"HD Photo Editor" offers 150 grid photo collage with 1 to 9 slots for your style is unique

"HD Photo Editor" offers photo frames with different genres like funny photo, baby, kids, love, xmas, valentine day, flower, wedding, men, beach, billboard, border frames, etc

it is suitable for anyone? it is suitable for everyone, especially for the men and women you want to create wonderful photo from their photo

- photo editor with professional effects and powerful tool
- photo effects easy with one tap
- free painting tool on photo
- add mini photo from camera or gallery
- collage with photo frames
- collage grid photo with more than 150 grid types
- the powerful photo editor tools such as blur, color balance, auto beauty
- add message bubbles with multiple fonts to choose from
- and over 5000 cute sticker
- photo storage and management easy photo editing functions, delete, share, set as wallpaper, view details
- no watermarks on photo
- etc

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Rol. M. Aug 9, 2020     

I am unable to add a photo when using the add photo tool. It worked yesterday, but for some reason when i press add photo and select the photo and confirm it, it takes me back to my project, but the photo does not get added. Hopefully this gets fixed, but it is probably an error on my end, but just wanted to let you know just in case if there is a bug. Other than that its a great app, peace.

Had. M. May 14, 2022     

Thanks 👍 for this app. The options are endless. I enjoy using it to improve my pictures, frame them, sketch them etc.

Coc. May 23, 2022     

The stickers have a white background around each image! No transparent background makes the stickers ugly. There should be no white background around the fairies or Christmas trees or flower stickers. Sadly, this did not used to be a problem. No way to contact developer. Useless app!

Haf. M. Mar 16, 2022     

This is the worst photo editing app I've ever used. It's just useless, a waste of time, data, and space😤😡

Ary. B. Oct 17, 2019     

I'm using this app for many days. It was working superb before. There was a hd option through which I converted any normal picture into hd quality easily but post updating the app I can't find hd option any more and now for few days when I'm trying to edit any pictures a design automatically appear on it which I don't like. Sorry to say this app is becoming worst day by day.pls bring back the older version of the app.

Rog. H. -. T. Oct 10, 2018     

Awesome selection of options for editing photos new or existing for humorous , wedding, Christmas, etc., occasions really top notch app well thought out, versatile, 8f you can't manipulate yer pic to a desired result... gourdhead and ERASE that BOOGER BOOP HEARD?!!!

Fav. A. Jan 10, 2022     

This is not an hd editor, it's just giving different filters of colour. Waste of data

Jos. M. Jan 3, 2022     

It's very very very very good app it can edit photo to be hd please install this app

Jen. W. Feb 18, 2019     

This app is terrible!! It waits for me to have a picture almost completed and then it stops running and kicks me out!! There are many other apps out there that are way btter than this one!!!!

UPP. a. Mar 16, 2022     

Not working.. and finally gives black photo ..

Che. C. Oct 15, 2019     

I am super upset with the last update. I have been using this for a personal project over the last year and now none of the pics look the same as it is lacking options it had before. Definitely not happy. I feel the "update" was a huge downgrade.

Lil. P. J. Jun 25, 2019     

it was the easiest run app I've seen for photo editing. it had a few ads, that were easy to click out of. overall a very good app.

Tra. D. Apr 13, 2021     

I'm mad I'm not buying anything new it should be added for free fix this or I'm deleting the app please it's my favorite on so far. Mine keeps crashing no too had to delete it as well love it otherwise. Um it's not letting me get the rose frames now those r my fav fix please also it won't let me have any rose frames

Tey. A. Oct 18, 2019     

There is no doubt that this app has all features n HD photo editing.. but Sadly,Most of them are not working! Uninstalling!!"..And,it often tries to hide this by linking u to other apps instead of accept th true facts n do better!..

Ram. S. Jan 16, 2022     

Very nice editing we have help for learning Including Ramu

And. C. Jul 4, 2021     

Thank you so much this is the best photo editor. I had an older version but this new one is so fantastic. I have bought all privileges with no adds. Thank you AT Software Developers.

jit. c. Sep 26, 2019     

The app was the perfect one in it's genre before the update...post update its too complex and lacks da basic essence of 4 simple options -hd etc... please revert da update to da basic one....

Chr. v. d. H. Jan 20, 2021     

I have the fully paid version and the transform function hangs.... I also find that resizing the photos in the app is not effective at all 3 star rating till these glitches are fixed

Muh. S. Dec 10, 2019     

It was a great app untill the last so called "update" which removed the HDR option. It cannot be called an update by any definition of the word. It is a disgrace to the word update

yth. Jul 18, 2021     

Great selection of filters and other easy to use tools. No problemo's with this app. Fun stuff!!

Mik. M. Mar 18, 2020     

This app is complete trash. You edit a photo and when attempt to save the edit it crashes each and everytime.

PAL. G. Oct 14, 2020     

App crashing with error message "HD Photo Editor" run time exception. Latest version installed. Please look into.

Sil. *. D. Oct 12, 2018     

Interesting. I've used some others that are more appealing and have features you're able to use when you tap them.

Sna. E. Apr 4, 2020     

Noo never install this app!!!!.... It's just a waste thing. I wasted lots of time. These app is useless. It does not operate properly, This app exits itself.... Don't install

Rod. A. G. May 14, 2022     

naturally good indeed keep it up hello

nir. s. Jan 5, 2020     

Not Happy I don't understand on every picture some sort of design comes up spoils the picture. How to fix this? Please URGENT LOOK AT MY COMMENT PLEASE I LIKED THAT TAXING Before Christmas what has happened I cant have it anymore please I want that texting on picture it was so beautiful b4 Christmas ?????

yoh. k. Oct 27, 2021     

It is a very nice app in collage but it has some sort of problem in combining multi photos as photo shop.

Kak. D. Aug 1, 2021     

Very fantastic app and easy to use. really love the app. everyone can choose the app it's only the best of the best app work friendly.

Mel. J. S. Jan 28, 2022     

Your app is great! Keep on improving it!

Wal. G. Oct 15, 2019     

After update.. the app is lacking the frames and stickers i used to use... and now there is watermark on any photo i edit with this app... i do not know what happened