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HD Video Download

HD videos Downloader is the ideal tool to download you favorite videos from the Internet with the fastest speeds is The best Video Downloader ever.
You can find your favorite videos and download it easily with a simple click.

HD videos Downloader contains an embedded browser that HDows you to navigate through different channels video sites HDowing you easy searching , simple and fast.

To download a video here are the steps to follow:

1 ) Click on the button in the header "Search", text field appears .2) Enter the search query and press "Search" .3 ) A list of videos for your query appear.4) Click the video you want to download .IMPORTANT: " You must enter the video and not just play the video in the video list obtained by searching "5 ) Click on the button in the header to the right to start the download process.6) Select the video resolution you prefer " a high resolution requires more memory ."7) FinHDy click " YES" to start downloading .8) To check your downloads , go to the " Download" in the sub-header .


->This app is NOT a YouTube Downloader.-> You cannot download YouTube videos with this app because of YouTube policies

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