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When can I see the ISS? What's that light in the sky? The official Heavens-Above app provides you with precise pass predictions for the ISS, visible satellites, Iridium flares and radio satellites. Main features include:
Financed by advertsThis version integrates advertisements to make it available for free. Get Heavens-Above Pro to remove the adverts.

Live sky chart See what's in the sky above you right now or at a given moment.

Pass predictions Get precise predictions for passes of the ISS and most visible satellites.

Iridium flares See when Iridium satellites mirror the sunlight directly towards you, resulting in bright flares.

Radio satellites Get passes for amateur radio satellites, complete with uplink and downlink information.

All calculations performed locally Predictions are generated right on your phone so you only need a data connection every few days.

Orbit and ground track See details about the orbit of any selected satellite rendered and with all relevant data.

Satellite details Get detailed information about any satellite, as provided by our Heavens-Above website.

Timeline Get a visual overview over passes and animate the position of satellites on the sky chart and on the ground track.

Night mode An optional red on black color scheme to preserve your night vision.

Tracker Easily find or identify any object in the sky by orienting your device towards it.

Calendar Integration Quickly add interesting passes to your calendar so you won't miss them.

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Reviews (30)

Ter. N. May 8, 2022     

Not great for amateur radio despite all the hype. Doesnt show uplink freqs, cant filter worth a damn, no doppler effect, no world map. Look4Sat is my go-to app. I reccommend that to all amateur radio operators looking to work the birds.

Geo. W. May 12, 2022     

As of 2022 in horizontal phone mode can't close menu which takes up 1/3 of phone screen. Ads take up another part so live sky chart now so small as to be useless. Used to be great.

Kri. H. Apr 11, 2022     

I use this app quite frequently. Only thing that irks me is that I can't download fresh data when I'm hooked up to my VPN. So it sees me outside the US and won't grab the fresh data. Is it worth a full star deduction? No, not really. But I can't do half stars on the rating system.

Rac. N. May 4, 2020     

Absolutely wonderful, precise tool to see when and where anything in low Earth orbit is passing overhead, from the ISS and other space exploration craft, to Starlink satellites, to decades-old debris like rocket boosters. You can filter by minimum magnitude, show only visible passes, set parameters for what's defined as "visible" and more. There's a few more tools on their website, but for a free app, this is better than I could ask for.

Dia. C. Sep 16, 2020     

I really enjoy this app as it can pretty much let me know when there will be something I want to see passing overhead. However I have a few questions. 1. Why in the list of nightly events are there hardly ever anything listed between the hours of midnight and 4am. 2. I live outside of our city and once my eyes are accustomed to the dark I can see quite a bit. But even satellites that are given a mag of 1.0 are very hard to see.

Sco. B. Sep 12, 2021     

This should be a fantastic app, it's certainly a great idea and they seem to have generally done a great job implementing it. However it simply doesn't work for me at all anymore, it worked when I first installed it, but now it is just a useless annoyance. My phone is constantly beeping with exciting things to go see outside and when I click on them the star map informs me that they're not actually there. Something broke. Also greedily they display a giant bright advertisement which blind you.

Jes. B. Apr 13, 2022     

User interface is an 8.5! Was outlast night, was able to ID at least 4 satellites & 2 stars & I'm using the free version!

Luc. '. Jul 31, 2020     

I'm having a little of a hard time understanding how this works. I used ISS detector and it's seriously easier to understand what's going on and which notifications I will get and which not. This app has a filter for hours... But will I get notified when the satellite is visible or just when it's overhead? Even in daylight? I'm not entirely sure which satellites it will notify either, or they expected magnitude, something the other app shows. I couldn't find a list of future passes. Your website is interesting tough, yet I colun't find info on passes and visibility from my configured location.

Cor. R. Aug 5, 2020     

Overall; not as expected. Orientation not representative of actual display. East to left, east to right, neither acted as expected. Orientation based on board and identified references are off (compass is off). Not to the point you can't see where things are, but someone new would likely not see enough to correct for errors. GPS, didn't appear to be set properly. Neither did time. The compass jumps. A lot. As a non-moving star/satellite chart, it's ok. D+

Vic. R. Apr 7, 2020     

This app is a handy tool. The only problem is that the notifications does not work, regardless of how I configure it. The only way I can make sure to not miss an event or ISS pass is to be constantly looking at the upcoming events and set a calendar reminder. It's too much hassle when the purpose of the notification is to actually let you know. This is the only reason I haven't purchased the property version.

Thr. C. Jun 8, 2019     

i have found this app to be useful, accurate and exceptionally well done. i especially enjoy the reticule improving my accuracy with altitude. Not 5 stars yet because Google Play Store opening over night mode blinded my night vision 3 times. Didn't return to same place in database after setting a notification, but back to top again. Can this change? Also, can app use alarm clock instead of calendar for notifications? Overall though,, it's, a terrific app, and I thank you for it!

Mic. m. Feb 25, 2022     

I am enjoying the app however when I tried to get help I am directed to Reddit and have been unsuccessful acquiring the information desired to utilize some of the functions. For instance how to choose or select a pass.

QUA. P. Apr 4, 2022     

This is a fantastic, informative, smooth running app that I use very often. ****FYI: There is one issue that just started today, upon opening the app multiple time satellite data data didn't automatically update like it usually does.****

Tom. H. Apr 7, 2019     

great app, but you need a large screen. when looking at the night sky, 1/3rd of your screen is wasted on a fixed menu, making the sky impossible to read without zooming. let the user open and minimize the menu as needed and it'll be far more useful!

Sus. S. Jul 31, 2020     

This app is great, exceyfor the fact that you need a separate compass app to figure out where you are looking. I wish the developers would make the compass feature functional so I didn't have to use two different apps. Other than that, I love the live tracking of the ISS!

mem. m. Oct 30, 2018     

Really good! Don't notice how alive the night sky is until this has you actively looking for satellites. One small bug is that the live sky chart seems to have issues with calibrating, orbits will change location, the reticle will freak out sometimes, but that's the only thing I've noticed! Five stars!

mak. m. Feb 19, 2022     

Ads suck! Brainwashing ads! Theirs maybe a 3 minute satellite window and distracted by ads . Just search the internet for satellite window!

Hi. B. Dec 5, 2019     

Not showing any flares or iss passes, ever. Always says "no upcoming events". I've set my location settings correctly and in app settings are set properly, and still nothing. I have another sat app showing me the correct information with iss passes and flares. Please fix this issue.

Sup. J. May 13, 2020     

Why would you place bright white ads on an app to be used at night? Some of us are unable to use the red filter because of poor vision. With no paid version to remove the ads. Would love to be able to use it without them. . . oh well, more apps that could be great, but miss the mark.

Bri. H. Jun 22, 2019     

This is an excellent app for predicting the appearance of satellites in the sky. The predictions seem to be very accurate. The app has a very nice user interface. The fact that the app will continue to function when the Android device is offline is very convenient.

Jos. L. May 15, 2020     

Allows for editing of degrees of visibility, and most often if you follow the map (kind of hard) when it shows you are pointing directly at, say, Saturn, sure enough you look at where your pointed and saturn will be in that immediate vicinity. Saturn used as a reference, it tracks planets satellites and everything.

Ash. W. Apr 22, 2020     

Not intuitive at all, no idea where to start. Times don't correlate with my local time. How do I know which satellites are visible? Orbit page is meaningless. Alarms / notifications don't work. Also would be easier if it did not auto-rotate.

Jef. E. Nov 15, 2021     

Whew. Where do I start? - I am trying to work with satellite imaging. Let me set a maximum elevation above 30°. I live in the mountains. I don't care about a pass unless it's above 70° - Alerts do not respect the minimum elevation setting and will buzz your phone regardless if you set the alert. - No favorites list. Every single time I start up the app I have to go chase down six individual satellites by name typing them in. The technology is here. The UX and quality of life? Nonexistent.

Sam. Nov 10, 2020     

This app is awesome.but there is one thing I don't like much. ie: the star map because it is difficult to orient the reticule on the satellites. I would suggest to make the star map and reticule more like in "iss detector" app as it is easy to handle(orient) and also has smooth movement.

Car. N. Mar 23, 2020     

Great app for ISS & satellite watching! Tells you exactly when & where to look in your sky, & how bright the object should be, so you can decide which ones are worth showing the kids (recommend ISS!). LOVED it when the iridium satellites were still up & we could watch for the brilliant, fleeting flares! Thank you so much for that opportunity. Hope there are more cool sights to come.

Joe. B. Jun 15, 2020     

Awesome, functional and simple space map with a compass. no bells and whistles like other visually stunning apps. but runs smoother since it has what you need and nothing more. and it offers satellites and space station positions.

Yas. N. Jun 10, 2020     

This is one of the best apps for viewing things that are flying in the earth's orbit. The path/trajectory and the flight data that the app shows is always very accurate. I have spotted many starlink satellites, Hubble telescope and the ISS with the help of this app.

W. R. Sep 2, 2021     

Ads are too intrusive. The ads are too prominent on the screen compared to other similar apps. Not worth paying for the pro version just to get rid of them without any additional features. Uninstalled.

A. G. u. Mar 21, 2019     

Excellent and user-friendly app. The calibration was very useful and the map was extremely helpful. The features included made it dramatically easier to find asterisms and celestial objects. Would recommend.

Dan. S. Sep 20, 2020     

False notifications for ISS and Starlink. When I tap on them, the chart loads with the orbit and immediately disappears and no passes can be found in the list. No real notifications either. I can see the ISS passing, yet no alerts are shown before or during the pass.