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Hebrew Prayers Free

* Free With ads
* No-ads version available too.
* Fully revised! New interface.
Hebrew Prayers is a pack of the essential Jewish Tefillot and Segulot. Can change Font size and color!

- Tefilat Hamazon
- Meein Shalosh
- Tefilas Haderech
- Shir Hasirim
- Tikun Klali
- Perek Shira
- Nishmat
- Parashat Haman
- Parashat HaKetoret
- Tefilah Le Parnasa
- Iggeret HaRamban
- Tefilat HaShlahand more!

Keywords: Torah, Tefilah, Jew, Israel

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (27)

A. G. u. May 6, 2012     

In you updating, somehow a few songs from Perek Shira are missing at the end of Yom Rushing. Otherwise, a fantastic program.

isa. m. Nov 21, 2014     

Use it almost every day

A. G. u. Dec 15, 2011     

This app has some great prayers for success! I recommend it to all who want to pray extra for הצלחה

A. G. u. Mar 13, 2011     

This is perfect. It has birkat hamazon and tfilat haderech for on the go... and more!

A. G. u. Mar 31, 2011     

It would be very useful for chodesh Nissan

A. G. u. Sep 2, 2011     

Great app as always from OKTM

A. G. u. Feb 2, 2011     

Good app but it would be nice to have the birkat ha'oreach in the birkat hamazon

A. G. u. Jul 21, 2011     

I love this app.

A. G. u. Jul 4, 2011     

Niqut are a little ahead of letters, esp in Ezra font. Wish for shahareet, minha, & arveet. Will pay if fixed for no-ads version. I have htc Evo 3D.

A. G. u. Aug 27, 2010     

Thank u so much!! It took me forever to find an app in which the hebrew actually worked on my phone!!

A. G. u. Dec 21, 2010     

Love it on my Evo 4G

A. G. u. Oct 9, 2010     

Would rate higher if it were available in English and/or had audio so you could at least listen to the prayer. Uninstalling.

A. G. u. May 4, 2010     

The best Jewish free app if it had shacharit ,mincha, and arvit pllllllllzzz add these for free plzz

A. G. u. Apr 16, 2010     

Good, relative to the fact that there aren't many Jewish Android apps... Nusachs should be categorized. Needs an option to remove adds (for money).

A. G. u. Mar 11, 2010     

The Edut Hamizrach bentching doesn't include Purim.

A. G. u. Mar 24, 2010     

Needs nonchalant but finally something juwish on android

A. G. u. Mar 16, 2010     

Force. Close

A. G. u. Mar 10, 2010     

Mincha would be awesome...

A. G. u. Dec 21, 2010     

Must first uninstall old version otherwise will foreclose. Beautiful new UI

A. G. u. Apr 17, 2012     

Very bad I have to reinstall it daily

A. G. u. Jan 18, 2010     

I would give 5 stars if font size was adjustable.i need larger fonts.

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2010     

Please don't put the ads in the prayer, its very distracting

A. G. u. Jan 13, 2010     

Yasher koach! Easy to read and so much info. Toda rabah.

A. G. u. Jan 14, 2010     

Very good application, gets the job done! Yeshar Koach, Chazak u Baruch!

A. G. u. Jan 18, 2010     

Thanks so much l always try to bentch I a sider

A. G. u. Dec 18, 2009     

I cannot figure out how to scroll. I says to use the arrows, but my G1 does not have arrows.

A. G. u. Feb 1, 2010     

More stuff plz