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Helicopter War game 2016

Helicopter war strike gives you an exciting action and thrill. You are special commando chosen for an important mission to destroy the enemy. You are famous for your shooting skills. Terrorist are attacked on your army head quarter and you protect you high command officer.You are a well-trained special elite member of military SSG commandos. Your duty is to ambush the army’s convoy. Your enemies plan is to occupy your secret military bases. Use the best tactic to hit the tanks or Humvee in your way. In these convoys high profile military rank army generals, secret data and weapons. Their destruction is important because the enemy’s mission is to use these weapons against your country. A helicopter is also available and there one call helicopter comes to rescue them. Their attacks are furious and creates a panic situation. You don’t worry you have enough arsenal to fight back them and destroy all those who comes in your way. It is a modern war and you are a modern battle elite commando solder fully equipped with sniper rifles, RPG, machine guns and sharp bullets. It is a best chance to hit and fight a guerrilla war. Enemy’s arsenal is bigger but your arsenal is better be confident and win this war field with modern war techniques. Aim and shoot no enemy behind and become historic war hero. This is the best first person military action oriented shooting game on google play. Now you are in a helicopter to defend your high command officer to enemies. You shootout all the enemies from airborne take your enemies down before they attack on your officer.There are many levels in different locations are in it like mountain, snow area, ground, desert, jungle and many more. Two tanks and one jeep your protect from enemies. You can fire 30 bullets in 30 rounds. Full 3d and HD sound are used. Control are very smooth shoot your enemies from a long distance.

• High quality 3d graphics are used.• 3d sound quality.• Very smooth control.• Bullets are fired very quickly.• 20+ different levels from different locations.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make more enhancements in it.


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