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Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights

Now with playable Knights!
Create your village, grow your army and defense, refine your strategies and attack other players’ bases online. Join a guild and dominate the world in this asynchronous PvP strategy game.

Set within a rich universe, Heroes of War: Orcs vs. Knights is a mobile strategy game featuring smooth, incredibly detailed 3D graphics. Advanced players can collect dozens of Heroes with special abilities and execute advanced tactics through mid-battle commands. Player's can join powerful guilds to aid in their quest for world domination.

- BATTLE it out in full 3D
- FIGHT against other players worldwide
- BUILD a base in immersive environments
- EXPLODE on the scene with a strategy unique to you
- EXECUTE mid-battle Hero commands
- COMMAND your troops in epic battles
- JOIN other players to form a guild
- CREATE your destiny in real-time
- COMMUNICATE synchronously in any language
- REWARDING quest system that keeps you coming back

★★★Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights is OPTIMIZED for both SMARTPHONES and TABLETS★★★

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/orcsvsknights

TWITTER @OrcsVsKnights

CUSTOMER SUPPORT http://bit.ly/OrcsVsKnights

FORUMS https://forum.nexonm.com/forum/nexonm-games/heroes-of-war-orcs-vs-knights-aa

**Requires network connection to play*
* **Requires initial data download on first install**

Category : Strategy

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