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Hidden Numbers

Imagine that you looked up in the sky and saw your lucky number hovering somewhere among the clouds. Now imagine that it was part of an awesome game. Get ushered through 50 unique environments, sending you on a wild goose chase to track down numbers that have veiled themselves among the rocks, foliage, clouds, bookcases, toy boxes, and so much more. Artfully crafted scenes offer an immersive experience in this new take on the hidden object game idea. Hints are at your fingertips should you get stuck when you cant find the Perfect 10.

• hidden objects
• 50 levels
• great graphics

Category : Puzzle

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Reviews (30)

Mar. G. Dec 3, 2017     

Not enough levels. Very simple, but keeps your mind engaged. I did like that they don't suddenly increase the difficulty by adding more numbers or obstacles our anything like that. Overall a good game but, now I've played all the levels so there's no reason to keep it installed.

nik. w. Jul 20, 2016     

Thank you Agile Fusion Studios! I really enjoyed this very much, played through it pretty fast after installing it. The pictures and number placements were awesome, some very easy while others a real son-of-a-gun to find! 100% NO glitches or freeze ups on my end!

Eli. V. Feb 19, 2018     

A row of numbers at the button where every number you find in the design will highlight. However, on the design no cross or sign to see what no. you already found, so boring to look up & down for the numbers left to be found & unsure what I tap that lower the score, so not for me.

Jod. L. Aug 1, 2016     

Cant belive how they can nicely hide 25 numbers.. Well done.

Rob. B. Apr 30, 2016     

Nice game to pass time, bit tricky and you need keen eye. Photos are clear, good fill in gamd

A. G. u. Jul 1, 2018     

I loved this game but it has not got enough levels in it though they need to add more levels .

Emm. R. Jul 29, 2016     

A fun puzzle game. I didn't find it very challenging, but the hints were helpful when I occasionally got stuck. Seems pretty easy to get 3/3 stars on each level too.

Mar. W. Dec 28, 2017     

It's ok but it would be better if the numbers came off or circled so when you're looking for numbers you can tell you got it.

A. G. u. Apr 17, 2018     

Its a game of eye power I have all its serie like hidden alphabet and objects now numbers too. I like this game very much!

Bip. G. 2. Sep 4, 2016     

I finished all of them in one day, it is fun to play just a pity there are limited pitures

Kei. D. Jul 13, 2016     

It took a long time for the game installed bout it's fun.i finished the levels in one 1hr

Str. N. C. Aug 24, 2016     

The graphics are beautiful and bright. It's not too easy or too hard, yet simple. Doesn't take forever to get hints. No complaints this way! Just downloaded hidden letters

Kai. F. Nov 26, 2017     

The great game but very less levels , i beat them all in 2 dayz Try to add more levels so it will become awesome

pen. a. Feb 11, 2017     

Awesome game but short and not very competitive. Played all the levels and uninstalled, but worth downloading

Mis. C. Nov 11, 2017     

The game is way to easy there are only a few levels. I played all levels with in 30 minutes of installing the game. There need to be more levels and the levels need to get harder as you progress in the game. I was very dissatisfied with this game.

Kri. S. Nov 10, 2016     

One can forget all d worries, tensions nd stresses by giving just a few minutes to the game... I love it! 😃

Gab. Y. Oct 12, 2016     

Have to be able to fade the number once it is found. Would make my personal time much better.

Ter. T. Oct 21, 2016     

I enjoyed playing this game. I have done beat it a couple of times and after that I took it off my phone now I'm adding it back.

Goo. U. Aug 5, 2016     

Would b better if the numbers disappear after u have found them tho.

Ell. C. Dec 2, 2017     

It's so boring, I have had the game for ten minutes and I have already finished it rubbish worst app ever

MAY. S. Jan 9, 2018     

y haven't you made another one iv been waiting along time comeon

Mis. L. Oct 29, 2017     

Finished whole game very quick. Waste of time downloading when you can finish it so fast.

Dea. F. Dec 2, 2017     

Great game but needs more levels! I'm currently sat at my TV with it paused finding hidden numbers because I have finished all the levels! I feel like if the rain man and the kid from sixth sense had a love child, I see numbers! I see numbers everywhere!

Emi. C. Sep 11, 2017     

I loved this game, it only took me a couple of days to complete the game. I was addicted to it. Think you should update the game and add more levels! :-)

Dav. R. Jul 1, 2016     

Great game, can be frustrating but still fun, good hint mechanism if in dire need. Worth playing if you have few minutes to kill

Deb. T. Nov 27, 2017     

I really enjoyed this game!! Just wish it had more levels. I get bored easily so replaying levels to try and better my score is just not something I do. So unfortunately I had to uninstall and search for another simular app.

Rac. M. Jul 15, 2017     

nice game to ease boredom, expect more challenges/levels. Already finished all in 2days

Ame. S. Jan 27, 2018     

Very addictive and engaging... Pics are too good and numbers are so well hidden. But please add more levels. Also, in some, Levels seconds used to be deducted even though a number was touched. So please look into it.

Ash. N. Aug 4, 2016     

The levels were somewhat challenging and there's not enough. I downloaded it yesterday, started playing it today and I've already beat all levels.

Lan. U. Jan 21, 2017     

It's so fun it's good for the eyes because it is hidden the numbers are hidden and you need to find it and it's good for the eyes so it's so much fun as always I will always love this