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Hide File Picture Video

hide files, pictures, videos. Can hide any file.
A super powerful privacy protection application.
Cleverly and secretly hide the photos, videos, and other files that you do not want to see.
Can hide any file, and supports the entire folder to hide effectively protect your privacy.
privacy protection
Lock sensitive information in your phone
Setting up a secret PIN is more secure
Support SD card
1 Powerful
Both to hide any file, can also hide the entire folder.
2 completely hidden
Make hidden pictures and videos will immediately disappear from the gallery, video player, etc. like the software, completely without leaving any traces
3 superior performance
Hidden very fast, no matter how much or how many files can be completed in a short time efficiently hidden.
4 stable and reliable
Even if you hide some files accidentally deleted after the software after you reinstall the software, the hidden files are listed in detail once again to
5. password protection
You can set a password so that only you can access this program

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