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Hide pictures - Privary Vault

Privary is a private picture and video vault that hides all of your personal photos and videos and makes them truly invisible.Once you upload pictures or videos to the Privary image locker, they will be invisible to others and protected by your private pin.Privary gives you full control over your privacy even if people get their hands on your phone.
Privary is a picture locker with true AES encryptionBanks use the same encryption to store customer data securely .

Privary private photo vault free brings many free outstanding features:● Easy-to-use PIN pad access● Easily hide and encrypt photos and videos in the hyper secure Privary private photo gallery● Smooth and fast usability● Privary is not visible on your recently used apps list● Support for both smartphone and tablet

Privary even lets you hide the app completely from launcher or open a FakeSafe when someone pressures you to open the Privary vault.

More features:● Full support for sd-card● Create secure & encrypted backups in the cloud with Google Drive™● Upload unlimited pictures and videos● Easily sort with drag'n'drop● Make Privary photo safe invisible● Choose your own cover for each album

Privary picture locker is not just a private vault, it is even more your private photo gallery to encrypt pictures and encrypt videos in your secret photo safe.

Frequently asked questionsQ: How does Privary hide pictures?A: Uploaded photos are removed from the public gallery and encrypted with AES.

Q: Is this similar to a gallery lock?A: No. Privary is a secret photo gallery where you can place photos and videos.

Q: Can i take pictures out of this private picture vault?A: Yes. You can unhide each photo or video and add it to public gallery.

Q: What can i do if i forget the PIN?A: In addition to the PIN you can specify an alternative password to enter the Privary photo vault.

Q: Does Privary support .wmv or .avi playback?A: Yes. Privary can even open videos with apps like MX Player. Thus most formats can be played.

Q: Which video formats are supported?A: Here is an excerpt of the supported formats: mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, mov, 3gp, mpg, flv, h264, divx, ogv, f4v, m4v, dv... We also add more formats. Just send us an email.

Q: How many photos or videos can i hide?A: There are no limits. You can hide unlimited photos or videos even photos for Instagram or Facebook. Privary is also the best choice if you look for a photo saver for Snapchat or Whatsapp.

Q: Are there any loopholes like some other apps have?A: No. Privary is a highly secured AES encrypted photo vault. The only way to open the private gallery is with the private PIN.

Q: Why are there ads?A: Privary Premium Edition is ad-free.

Do you have any questions about the Privary photo locker? Reach us out at privary{@}fourchars.com

Privary Privacy PolicyWe set the greatest importance to data protection. Therefore all personal files are stored solely on the device. If cloud backup is active the encrypted data is additionally stored in the private cloud.Privary photo vault doesn't collect any private data to offer a secure hide photos with pin app. Read more at http://fourchars.com/en/privary/privacy/

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