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High School BFF Movie Makeover

Your BFF has told you about the party she’s throwing this weekend for the new blockbuster movie at the cinema. You are so excited that you know you need a makeover!Your weekend is finally here, and you’re going to this epic movie party before heading to the cinema with your BFF. There’s going to be a lot of your friends there, and maybe even that guy you’ve had your eye on in class. A makeover is calling your name. You’ll get a fun spa day with some facial treatments. A makeup makeover is next. Accent your features with a nice makeup application. Finally, you can get a new outfit to dress up in that will make you look fantastic.How to Play:
• The weekend is coming!
• The movie you’ve been dying to see if finally at the cinema.
• Your BFF is throwing a party for it, and you’re invited!
• Makeover time!
• Spa treatments are the perfect start for the makeover.
• Follow up your glowing skin with a fun makeup application.
• Dress up in the perfect outfit for the occasion at the movies.The parties your BFF throws are always the bomb. This movie party is going to be a ton of fun. Start your makeover now by downloading!

Category : Simulation

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