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Hip Hop Mixtapes

This is Hip Hop Mixtapes
If you love hip hop mixtapes then this is the only app you'll need, no other hip hop mixtape app comes close.

From old favourites to hot new mixtapes no other app has this many available mixtapes.. The great content in this app is complimented with good features that add to the enjoyment of listening to your favourite music. Don't settle for less! here is what you get.


4x1 audio widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard)

4x2 audio widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard)

1x1 audio widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard)

1x1 dice widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) used to retrieve a randomly selected mixtape

4x2 new indy list widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) provides a list of the newest indy mixtapes in the main app. Clicking on a mixtape from the list will open the mixtape in the main app.

4x2 new major list widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) provides a list of the newest major mixtapes in the main app. Clicking on a mixtape from the list will open the mixtape in the main app.

4x2 random list widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) provides a list of the random mixtapes. Clicking on a mixtape from the list will open the mixtape in the main app. Click on the dice icon to generate a new random list.

2x3 stack widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) used to display your downloaded content. Clicking on a mixtape from the list will open the mixtape in the main app

2x2 slideshow widget(homescreen\lockscreen\keyguard) used to display random mixtapes. Clicking on a mixtape will open the mixtape in the main app

All widgets are resizable.

mp3 tag editor.

notification controls with the ability to download the currently playing song.

Lock screen controls.

musiXmatch floating lyrics

and more....

The album art in the above screenshots are blurred for listing purposes. All album art within the app appear without being blurred.

*Not affliated with, endorsed or sponsored by datpiff, Livemixtapes, Crack Mixtapes, That Mixtape, Get Right Music, RapSearch or any other company mentioned in this listing or in the app.

Legal Disclaimer: All texts, images and video and content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. As does the nominative use of logo's used for descriptive and identification purposes.

Attribution:This app uses both modified and unmodified icons from the "material design icons"https://github.com/google/material-design-icons

Read the link in the following link http://mixtapeapps.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-following-is-account-of-recent.html

"The throne was empty, so I sat down"

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Ant. O. Jun 16, 2017     

Playing the wrong songs from the ones I click on. Some songs don't even play, it simply skips em. Needs to be fixed

Ken. T. Jun 16, 2017     

It's all good..

Jef. K. Jun 16, 2017     

Never heard of anyone on here

Tom. P. Jun 6, 2017     

Have not tried everything yet,so far doing terrific,let u know when it mucks up

A. G. u. Jun 9, 2017     

Found all the music I haven't heard in years thanks to who ever this app belongs too excellent job

Wil. O. L. Jun 3, 2017     

I love my music! It soothes the savage beast within me. This app is my sanctuary. Some things could use improvement, but I digress. Good app though

Tar. M. T. Jun 14, 2017     

The 1st 2 mixtapes I listened to and downloaded were fine but now it doesn't play the right music that I click on for some strange reason.

Han. A. M. Jun 14, 2017     

I downloaded it and it won't open

A. G. u. Jun 8, 2017     

It has all the music I love

Hec. E. Jun 5, 2017     

Your real hip hop thanks lowkey

Lil. d. May 24, 2017     

I love it I downloaded all my music off it

Soc. R. Jun 6, 2017     

Wish you could play with or without wifi

A. G. u. Jun 5, 2017     

It's of lots of new music

Pip. T. Jun 16, 2017     

R&B and slow jams and njclub and regg

Dea. G. Jun 15, 2017     

This is s*** stupid app

Ime. G. Jun 3, 2017     

Love this app best mixtape app ever 💪💪💪👍👍👍

Jer. B. Jun 13, 2017     

It works really good

Kev. K. May 27, 2017     

Nothing is good enough

A. G. u. Jun 14, 2017     

This is a great app

Mal. W. Jun 13, 2017     

Good selection

Car. N. Jun 15, 2017     

Love this mixtapes

Ken. L. Mar 31, 2017     

I can finally listen to logic's old mixtapes without using all my dataon YouTube ❤❤

Ger. O. May 8, 2017     

Always up to date with the latest beats. This is the only hip hop app I'll ever need.

A. G. u. May 13, 2017     

Best thing out for real hip hop rap street music mixtapes fast did ya thing with this one

Fab. E. May 23, 2017     

I can't download any music from this app at first it was working but now it's very bad

Jus. C. May 22, 2017     

Transition sux a big one. If wasn't for that I would have gave it a 5

Fre. F. Apr 25, 2017     

We need a now playing touch button. Thanks!! Great app. Pleas get it soon.

Sau. S. C. Apr 10, 2017     

I have nothing to say but I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH

bra. May 23, 2017     

Used to love this app now I just get an error that says " this list is empty due to an error. Tap on the "retry" button to try again" I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with still no luck.

dyl. Mar 29, 2017     

Missing loads of artists and constantly comes up with error.