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Home Security Camera WardenCam

If you happen to have an old smartphone or tablet collecting dust somewhere, now you have a better option. WardenCam turns your spare Apple and Android smartphones and tablets into home security cameras that you can watch while you’re away. It helps you find out if your package arrived, monitor your baby, if the kids are home from school, or find out what your dog and cat are up to.
WardenCam will take any Android phone or tablet running Gingerbread version 2.3 or greater and put its Internet connectivity and advanced video and audio sensors to good use. Video monitoring has never been easier. Install WardenCam on two phones. One is your Camera at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer. Log in with the same Google account, and that’s it! You are now connected to your loved ones. With WardenCam's unique motion detection feature and Google Drive and Dropbox integration, you can enjoy peace of mind without keeping a constant eye on things.

- Available on Android & iOS
- One click installation
- Live streaming all day and night
- Works anywhere with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE
- Free cloud storage (directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox)
- Review events, to see what you missed
- Setup multiple cameras all in one system
- Motion detection & alerts (push notification and email)
- Scheduled motion detection (day and time)
- Night vision mode (enhance visibility at low ambient light condition)
- Talk and listen from the viewer console to any of the cameras
- Ultra high definition video & audio

VIDEO MONITORING 24/7: Install WardenCam on your spare devices and pocket phone. Sign in with any gmail account as "camera" & "viewer". Place the spare device anywhere of interest at home, in the kitchen, the garage, your office. Monitor live on the pocket phone anywhere with internet.

MOTION DETECTION: Enjoy peace of mind without keeping a constant eye on things. WardenCam provides automated motion detection schedule. Once a motion is detected, it starts siren alarm to scare the intruder away. Link your Google Drive and Dropbox on both the camera and viewer so that WardenCam can also upload the motion video to your cloud storage. You may even enable 24/7 recording to cloud. Simple and secure!

NIGHT VISION: The only video monitoring app supports night vision mode. Night vision significantly improved visibility with low ambient light, although don't assume visibility at complete dark.

RECEIVE ALERT: Receive a push notification immediately when an intruder is detected, the kids arrive home from school, or your elderly relatives are moving about their day. Play back event recordings from the cloud storage.

TWO-WAY AUDIO: Talk while watching the live streaming. Send voice to the camera device. Prevent a negative action before it ever happens

SAVE MONEY: Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than IP cameras in the market. Don't buy an expensive IP camera. Use WardenCam to transform your spare device to the most advanced home security camera for free.

How to test:Sign in with a google account that is already on your phone. Try with your own network first. If there is still logging issues, please contact our technical support@wardencam360.com

Upgrade:If you like to use the app for 24/7 video monitoring, please upgrade to premium version with one single payment of USD $5.99. No monthly fee. Visit our website wardencam360.com for more details.

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Reviews (30)

Dra. D. Feb 29, 2020     

The concept is great, especially the ability to upload recordings to Google Drive. But the implementation is disastrous. While an app of this kind is supposed to offer peace of mind, it does the complete opposite: it crashes, crashes, and crashes some more, even on very recent Android versions. Bottom line, it's never there when you need it.

Epi. F. Apr 13, 2022     

Waste of money, upgraded to the $5.99 plan, it took awhile to remove the ads from first phone. The second and third phone viewer, never got it to remove the ads. Followed every step per their Q&A and still having ads issues. Emailed them never got a response. They got the money, they don't care if ask. Got the alfred instead, it works! No issues, easy set up, no more headaches. I want my money back Wardencam. Is a war trying to make it work. Move on, don't spend your money here.

Wil. F. Mar 19, 2022     

I recently wrote a review for five stars. It does everything you would want in a surveillance app, however, the only problem I have, is that it starts a new recording after every minute or so. I had over 90 notifications. What I'm looking for is constant recording. If you guys could fix that. It would make the app amazing. I didn't delete the warden app. Now you guys are my backup until you guys fix that problem.

Bil. A. May 12, 2022     

App is good! Has bugs. Paid version still has ads although not as overbearing. Control phone will lose connection to video if you put in background. To change apps, need to exit then restart control app. There is no ad free version.

Far. I. H. Apr 17, 2022     

Ads are annoying but that is why they advertise you to watch a 30 second app, maybe more, to have 30 minute of experience without ads, like what Spotify did to their free customers. It's pretty straight forward and using your Google account and free cloud storage which is handy. It's pretty good I guess.

Pui. A. Apr 7, 2022     

Hello. Thank you for the wonderful Wardencam app. I use it with pleasure. I'm writing to you because since the last update, the push notifications from the motion sensor no longer work. What can I do to enable motion sensor notifications?

Dr.. S. A. M. Apr 15, 2022     

Using pro version. Good app. Has some bugs. Switching from viewer to camera mode hangs the app across all my devices, running on Android 7 to 12. Needs drastic improvisation.

Enr. May 17, 2022     

I have used the security app Warden Home Security Camera (WardenCam) a few other different times through-out the many yrs I've first seen in Google Play Store. And since then I've never used any other kind, I have tried pretty much all of them that works the best is (WardenCam) the best one is the one for (Apple Iphone 12 Mini).....

Pau. D. Mar 19, 2022     

I've been using WardenCam for at least 4 years and it's by far the superior app compared to it's competition. However, with the influx of inexpensive ip cameras, staying ahead of the game by adding the ability to connect them to WardenCam would keep it superior to it's competition. I've seen a couple of apps that are similar in function to WardenCam that have added that ability. However, they're overall app is not nearly as nice as WardCam. It would be worth a price bump or upgrade fee.

Dan. D. Mar 8, 2022     

Pretty easy to set up for an old guy 63... Was a pain to figure out how to get the upgrade on all my old phones, but I got it done... And just like with most wifi dependnt devices especially cameras you get frozen pics and restarts, but the backup recordings dont seam to have frozen or dropped recordings... I would buy it again if I had to, you cant really beat the cost for what you get with the pro verson. I gave it 4 stars cause I think the talk part of it needs work, Its never worked for me.

TIm. L. May 5, 2022     

I like the app but I bought the lifetime service and sometimes it doesn't connect my phones to the account and it limits the time you can use them as cameras and like now my viewer isn't showing me as a paid user and shows ad's I hope that its fixed soon and I will change my rating

Kim. C. Feb 11, 2022     

While it works as expected, on a fast enough phone, recorded video are still sometimes a bit lacking. Also due to low FPS, sometimes you miss exactly that what you wanted to see in the motion detected stored video. But otherwise, it's ok.

Azi. S. S. Mar 28, 2022     

Honest review after using pro app for 3 months, pros and cons, Pros: one time payment for life time no subscription fees Free storage on google drive Motion detection for a long period Phone does not get very hot during motion detection Night mode is good Recorded video player is awsome and easy to use, you can watch all videos that are recorded without downloading them from the app Cons: no notifications for motion detection Connecting to it is slow Periodic monitor does not work

Dal. W. Mar 10, 2022     

Having had youths banging my door to the point it opened, I installed this on my phone and an old phone. The movement detection picked up the movement and over 2x 20 second clips I was able to send footage to their school and get the youths identified. Easy to set up and use with good quality capture.

J.P. W. Mar 15, 2022     

Used to work great, but now no notifications. Checked all settings and should work. I open the app (viewer) and new motion videos are there. Made sure up-to-date on camera and viewer, and rebooted both. Notifications stopped working. Samsung Note 9 & Android 10.

Mic. R. Apr 9, 2022     

I upgraded to the pro version and it won't connect to the cell phone that I'm using for the survalance camera. Just says loading for several hrs. Wish I could get my money back

Lis. Apr 21, 2022     

Not recording to Dropbox, even though I've selected that option. NO SUPPORT FROM DEVELOPER, THEY SIMPLY DO NOT REPLY. JUST TAKES YOUR MONEY AND RUN.

Wes. M. Feb 5, 2022     

This app works as a security camera app, however, after five days of using it, it's giving me a damn trial message. Since when does using a security camera become a subscription service??? This sucks, because I'll be at work, and I can't see what the hell is going on over at home... Why don't they make it so you can watch the ad on the phone you're watching the camera from, and it'll let your camera work again?

hou. P. Jan 9, 2022     

I give up. It's just not reliable enough for unattended use. I don't blame the developers. Android is just not a good OS for this use case. It doesn't "get out of the way" enough. Anytime anything takes over the screen, this app loses connection. It also doesn't restart after a reboot. You need a way to remotely control the Android UI to keep this working if you are remote. This app might work as a baby monitor, where you can just walk into the room and restart the app, but not as security cam.

Mic. K. Mar 20, 2022     

Have only used briefly, but works great. Very impressed at the ease of setting up and functionality.

Akh. Apr 21, 2022     

Nice app it has a storage limit option fix that bug please ... Easy to use good app helped a lot for a old phone video sequrity app

J4R. Feb 12, 2020     

Seems to work very well. A suggestion would be to have motion record add about 10 more seconds to the start and finish areas of the file. Sometimes the subject is just out of view, but stil making sound that is important to capture, but by that time motion record has finished capturing the video. Other than that, I can't find heavy fault with anything else in this app. I'm currently using it to monitor the front door by using an old mobile phone to record through the peephole (bad neighbors)

Ken. N. Feb 22, 2021     

I've downloaded several apps to turn my old phone into a security camera and I couldn't get any of them to work. I downloaded this one and honestly I think my 5 year could have set it up. It was truly that simple. The rest of the ones I downloaded were way too technical with having to know ip addresses and port numbers and such. Didnt have to know anything for this one. It's cut and dry. Simple. Downloaded it. Its awesome. Plus the picture is good too!!

Rob. B. Feb 5, 2019     

It is a neat idea be I really want to use it, but it keeps on uploading multiple versions of the same files to Google drive, filling it up with megabytes of unnecessary data and killing my drive space. Its not occasional. It's constant, rendering the app extremely difficult to use, as you can't find your videos in the hundreds of copies. (note - I've found that using Dropbox doesn't have the issue).

War. V. Apr 3, 2020     

The concept. Ok. Execution not good. Very hard to setup . Kept saying I have free version after purchasing it. I then logged out and back in after the purchase on each and every device to change it to pro. Even that was only successful after many attempts. it is almost impossible to monitor in real time. It just buffers and my line speed at home is 100 mbps upload and download. The motion detection is pretty much all that really works. But the app is laggy and slow. And I have a s8 which is fast

Cou. D. Jul 9, 2019     

It is a really good app and it works as described. I only have two things that I would change. When I have it set on 1080p the motion events are super laggy. Granted the phone being used as the camera is basically a toaster lol so I run it on 480p. The other is that the motion detection clips are too short so I end up with a billion clips to sort through even set on medium. Wish they were in longer intervals. Besides that, great job developers and thank you for all of your hard work.

Eig. C. Apr 21, 2021     

When the app works and you can stream your video using another phone, it works fine. Most of the time, it doesn't work. The app is very inconsistent and super slow to load up the live stream or cloud videos. The web viewer also doesn't work and I only see a black screen after I logged in. This feels like a beta version and not production ready. You get what you pay for.

A. G. u. Jan 24, 2019     

Sometimes the app is great and other times it gets so buggy that it will not detect motion. When it does detect motion it will send notifications to check but when I check nothing shows up. Also, there are times I'll receive notifications and the recordings will show up...but they're from 2 days ago. Other times the two devices I use as cameras will stay stuck at buffering. The only way I've found to temporarily fix this is to uninstall and reinstall the app. This only works sometimes.

Mic. Jan 28, 2019     

the cameras stay connected much better than they used to. Two issues I have. First, these things pick up everything. I wish it was smarter to detect only human movement instead of some snow blowing. Second, their encryption is supposedly an in house solution, not an open software encryption. I'm not convinced there's even any encryption in the first place because it took multiple emails to get a response. be leery, don't point cameras inside.

Ban. B. Jan 28, 2020     

It is wonderful app. I couldn't imagine that an app make an abandoned cell phone so brilliant CCTV IP camera. It is mind blowing. In my house I have two IP cameras. It is equally excellent and no less than the professional cameras. Picture is crystal clear. Only problem is due to internet connection and speed make trouble. Otherwise it is unperall. All the more free cloud storage. Thanks to the developer.