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How It Works Group

The members of the How It Works Group bid you welcome.
People struggling with addictions not only harm themselves
- they invariably hurt their families, friends, and others. In other words, not only the alcoholic suffers from alcoholism.

As members of the How It Works Group, we recognize that we have no monopoly on the treatment of alcoholism. We have, however, found a solution as provided in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, commonly referred to as “The Big Book.” It is there that one may find precise answers to the question, “What do I have to do?” in order to recover. It is there that one may find a way out upon which we can absolutely agree.

Our apps purpose is to create and utilize community within our group. Within the app you will find quick and easy access to listen to the Daily Meditations and Book Studies.

We invite all who suffer from alcoholism to join us.

Category : Health & Fitness

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Reviews (9)

Kim. P. Feb 20, 2022     

Frequent glitches. Great info but too frustrating to access it.

Sar. H. Mar 13, 2022     

Love that ever pray ever step is on the app.

Sar. H. Sep 8, 2021     

I us this app everday, sametimes three time a day.

Rec. R. Sep 12, 2019     

Helpful and keeps me on my game!

Car. A. Feb 23, 2021     

Love it.... love it

A. G. u. May 5, 2018     

New in program and it really gives me directions.

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2017     

Stumbled onto this group while visiting Palm Springs. Best AA format I've found so far. Call ins leave no excuses for not getting to a meeting.

Lib. B. Apr 29, 2017     

It's nice to have the group with you where you'd normally be disconnected

Bri. D. May 13, 2017     

Wonderful app. I use it everyday. Especially like the Daily Readings. Thank you.