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Hunting Calls HD

This app produces Coyote, Deer and Turkey call sounds for the avid hunter. Comes with the basic sounds for each animal. For best results download our apps for the specific game you are hunting. Just plug in your amplified speaker and happy hunting! For even better results...use a Bluetooth speaker placed away from you to one side or the other. If they are in the area it will draw it's attention away from you.
On most phones you can long press the sound and make it a ringtone or notification.

*All Sound files Are Open Source files.*

Category : Sports

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Reviews (9)

Hay. D. Nov 29, 2020     

All calls sound like bad bowel movements

A. G. u. Oct 24, 2018     

Its amazing i shot a doe

Abb. I. Dec 1, 2018     

These calls take to long to download

Aar. H. Oct 29, 2021     

Great app love it

Jay. S. Oct 26, 2016     

The deer sounds are clear. The predator sounds are clear. The turkey calls sound like they were recorded on a cassette tape 30 years ago and played so much the tape stretched and developed a horrendous amount of background hiss. Unusable.

Jos. S. Nov 22, 2017     

The deer sounds are really clear compared to most.

Jim. H. Nov 4, 2015     

Sounds good I use this Durning hunting season

Luc. G. Dec 7, 2016     

It works used it something came up

Jam. C. May 12, 2016     

This is a piece of sh##