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Hyakume FREE IP Camera Viewer

This Free, Introductory version of Hyakume is fully-featured, but limited to a single Camera List supporting 10 Cameras.

Buy the Paid version for access to ten Lists supporting 100 Cameras.

Paid Version Description
Use the Hyakume ("Hundred Eyes") app to easily view and record the H.264 and MJPEG video streams produced by a wide variety of network cameras (security, surveillance, doorbell, webcams, traffic, weather, etc).

If you have IP cameras in your home or business and a spare Android device, run Hyakume as a dedicated Relay Server to enable secure remote access with phones and tablets.

Hyakume supports one hundred Camera entries in 10 Camera Lists. Create separate Lists for your home, business, storage, etc.

Add Camera entries manually or with the Camera Discovery tool, which identifies the ONVIF-compatible IP cameras on your local network.

Record video and capture snapshot images. The saved video and image files can be reviewed in the app, and uploaded for archiving and sharing.

Use the Relay Server Web Client to enable remote Camera viewing with desktop/mobile web browsers.

• Supports 100 Camera entries in 10 Camera Lists
• Supports the H.264/RTSP & MJPEG/HTTP video streaming formats
• Recorded video & images saved as MP4 & PNG files
• Camera Discovery locates local ONVIF-compatible network cameras
• Remote connections secured with strong TLS/SSL encryption & mandatory authentication
• Web Client enables remote access with desktop/mobile web browsers
• Comprehensive Reference section
• Designed for phones & tablets

Remote Camera access through the Relay Server is FREE. All it requires is a spare Android device to run the Server and a decent Internet connection.

So if you have any phones or tablets lying around gathering dust, put them to good use and setup a simple, secure remote Camera monitoring system today.

Hyakume contains no ads or nags and requires no cloud subscriptions or fees. Buy the fully-featured app once, use it forever.

Note: Android 4.4 devices are limited to viewing and relaying MJPEG/HTTP video streams.

Note: Hyakume requires WRITE permission to device storage in order to save recorded video and images.

Category : Video Players & Editors

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