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iCamViewer IP Camera Viewer

iCamViewer is an IP camera viewer app for Android phone and tablet devices. The app allows users to view live video from network IP cameras, CCTV cameras (when used with a supported network video server), and some surveillance DVRs. Users can watch security cameras on the same local area network where their camera is located and also view remotely over the Internet when port forwarding is properly setup.
CCTV Camera Pros developed this free IP cam application to support as many devices and cameras as possible. Below is a list of some of the manufacturers that are currently supported and there is a form in the app to request a new camera integration if your is not already listed.

Current Supported Camera Manufacturers==============================7LinksAbusACTiAdvanceAgasioAirLiveApexisAsanteAtHomeAvtechAxisBluestorkBrickcomCCTV Camera ProsCiscoComproD-LinkDB PowerEasyNEbodeEdimaxElroFoscamGeovisionHedenHoneywelliCAMViewInstarIntellinetLevel OneLinkProLinksSysLogiLinkMessoaMobotixNexxt SolutionsPanasonicPiczelPromelitSecureyeSmarthomeSonySpecoStarDotStip ElectronicsStorage OptionsSwannSygonixTenvisTP-LinkTRENDnetTURBOXVilar VipcamVivotekVonnicWanscamWansviewWatchBotX-10ZavioZyXEL

Other App Features===============
- Pan Tilt Zoom control for PTZ cameras
- Step by step user setup-guide
- Request camera integration form
- YouTube Surveillance Video Library from CCTV Camera Pros
- Video Surveillance Blog from CCTV Camera Pros
- Shop for Compatible Cameras in the App

IMPORTANT SUPPORT INFORMATION=============================CCTV Camera Pros offers free email and telephone technical support for this IP cam viewer app ONLY when the IP camera is purchased from us. Our security engineers will even help you configure your router and setup port forwarding for you.

*If you did not purchase your IP camera from CCTV Camera Pros, we are unable to offer this level of support, but the app is still free to use and we will provide forum based and email based technical support. *We are NOT able to provide telephone support for cameras and DVRs not purchased from us.

QUESTIONS=========Questions, feedback, and requests can be directed to CCTV Camera Pros iCamViewer development team at iCamViewer@cctvcamerapros.net

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Reviews (30)

Ton. M. Apr 9, 2022     


Jed. K. Dec 24, 2019     

if you're looking for an app to link to a camera, this is not it. It's basically just an interactive pamphlet for ip cameras

Rog. S. Apr 15, 2019     

Didn't work for me, system not listed, failed to connect.

The. S. r. Nov 22, 2019     


ehi. j. Sep 19, 2018     

Loading forever. Not a good option.

Isr. S. Feb 16, 2019     

only image. no pan and tilt

nke. a. Apr 1, 2019     

Well its good but if u can't use it then it will complicate

Alp. K. A. Mar 22, 2022     

Doesn't work on any of my cameras

Rah. P. Feb 1, 2022     

It's NOT a good app

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2018     

Did not connect to my rtsp URL that VLC on my PC works with.

Orl. U. Dec 30, 2019     

Sucks, the least thing you can do is connect your camer, nothing more to say

Mat. S. May 4, 2020     

Didn't scan to easily add my ipcam

Cvs. C. Sep 15, 2019     

Noot working worst app in the world

Dee. S. B. Dec 17, 2019     

Worst aap useless aap don't be full

wil. C. Apr 26, 2021     

Not much luck with this one.

Fod. B. Nov 10, 2019     

Thanks we need more

322. S. Apr 22, 2020     

This app shoud be banned

Des. D. Feb 9, 2019     

can't work.

Eri. C. Aug 23, 2019     

My Model Not listed

MD.. S. H. Dec 12, 2019     


Shi. T. T. Sep 27, 2021     

I have been

Gol. g. G. g. Oct 21, 2020     

Golithi srinuvas youtube gold works rajahmundry

KAR. A. Sep 18, 2020     


Jit. K. s. Dec 28, 2021     


Dav. C. Jul 18, 2016     

Easy enough to work out how to add a new camera. After adding, it wouldn't connect. After going back into the settings, it kept insisting a field required information - however, all fields were full. Had to delete the highlighted field contents and reenter. However, still defective! Tried with multiple cameras and none worked. Unimpressed. Uninstalled.

Bri. D. Jul 4, 2017     

Editing a camera is clunky. Have to re-enter name and IP address.... Sometimes it drops the username. Doesn't connect to Zavio F4215 even though it is listed as an option.

Jay. G. May 6, 2018     

Nowhere to just paste the RTSP URL and choose the transport (RTSP over TCP). Stream view gives no feedback on whether connection is successful or not.

bri. r. May 25, 2018     

I'm trying out this app. Not sure yet whether it works, or whether I like it. Looks like development stopped some years ago. Is that true ?

Shi. S. Feb 16, 2017     

Nt user friendly

Ian. M. Aug 26, 2015     

Looks almost like it could work, but unfortunately not working fully compliant with standards and shows black screen, also doesn't seem to have any form of channel selection for NVR connection, also no search function to discover devices, but looks like it is at least getting there.