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iCSee is a monitoring security software ,which can work with the front-end devices such as robot 、bullet , or intelligent devices such as doorbell 、doorlock . iCSee can access the device by cloud ID , you can preview and control the live video in the Android device .

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Reviews (30)

Cly. J. M. May 15, 2022     

You can no longer manually turn on the lights. Only when it's dark. The is getting worst each update. Bring back the White light option and not the Full color. They still won't fix the constantly required you to input Camera password. I had multiple CCTV now and I had to make all of them the same password for auto fill because it's easy for that since this app will ask you your camera password almost everytime. I don't get it why they just not allow one time camera password input.

Div. D. Apr 11, 2022     

This software is nothing short of appalling. Doesn't connect, and when you need it for playback, it takes around 10 minutes to view seconds as you have to keep closing the app, go back in, attempt again and so on. Rather than reply to positive reviews why not address the negative ones? 1 star is 1 too many. There is no peace of mind as I can rarely connect to my so-called security camera system. Edit: reprogram firmware, and redirect the diversion of the Megabits down the central network subnet.

Nat. P. Apr 22, 2022     

Literally a sev 1 bug on the app is my first experience with this product. It automatically selects a network with the highest signal strength, which is the wrong one. When I tap on the box to select a different network, nothing happens. I've tried tapping all over the box and nothing ever happens. It's not my touchscreen because it responds perfectly when I click anywhere in the Password field below it.

Doo. May 2, 2022     

~~~UPDATE~~~ I HAVE UPDATED THE APP AND THE ISSUE IS NOT FIXED, WHICH RENDERS THIS CAMERA BASICALLY USELESS. I STILL RECEIVE NO ALARM WARNINGS ON PLAYBACK. After updating the app I no longer get the alarm warnings on playback, so in order to look for any movement, or ppl entering, I have to watch hours and hours of video to see if there's any security risks. This system is not hooked-up to the internet, it is through the AP Mode on the app, to my phone's wifi. Please fix this issue and Thanks.

Jef. B. May 12, 2022     

I have used this app with a Besdar PTZ camera for 2 years with no issues, but when buying another camera last week & trying to install it I had problems logging in to my account with various error codes. Eventually log in was a success but could not get the new camera to connect via the ethernet cable (seemed wanting to connect via wifi) ,, the developer contact via email was quick & solved my issue. The app now works perfectly & control over both cameras ,with viewing & playback are excellent

Ele. U. May 17, 2022     

I give 1 star for the quality of the image, otherwise i will not recommend the product (app + storage option) I have the camera and the app from almost a month and the storage card worked like for an half a day and know is totally useless. Eventualy, i bought a cloud subscription and guess what...cloud service "not supported yet". I can not reinstall the app because I am far away from the camera.

Mic. R. Apr 25, 2022     

Since the latest update i notice that the alarm alert pen pictures that come in from the analog cameras on the dvr/nvr wont deleate. Before the update i could either deleate one picture or deleate all of them. Now when i press CLEAR it dosent deleate them. I proved it was the update by having no problem on my other similar phone that hadent been updated? Any solution otherwise all other aspects of the app are excellent. Thank you the problem is solved. Thanks Michael.

Rus. C. May 23, 2022     

Don't know who decided that playing loud, irrelevant video game apps every time you open the iCSee app was a good idea, but it's seriously annoying. Why can't you adjust the video playback speed? Trying to review recordings takes much longer than it should (MI Home has this functionality).

Gab. B. May 23, 2022     

A completely unreliable app that renders useless any security camera connected to it: the cloud storage works only now and then, and during downtimes - which are huge (as I write this, the server is down for more than 24h) - no records are made and no alerts are sent. We're talking about a cloud storage that's quite expensive. Suport is like non-existent: they do answer, but their answers are just as useless as their services. To me - an IT professional, mind you - it looks like this is an app developed by a Chinese kid with a personal computer used as a cloud server: when mom turns off the light in the room, the computer shuts down as well and that's it, no more cloud storage until tomorrow when the kid comes back from school. Pathetic.

Pet. N. Apr 30, 2022     

Excruciatingly frustrating app. I'm fairly literate when it comes to diagnosing and fixing software problems, but after about 10 hours trying to get my camera working, I give up. Maybe it would help if the authors could actually speak English.

iva. i. May 1, 2022     

No record switch. The camera has live video, human detection, can record on the phone, but doesn't offer 24/7 video recording. The app is missing the "Record switch" that should turn on 24/7 video recording.

Bri. M. Apr 8, 2022     

New update. The developer seems to have fixed the problem of the app not staying open in the background. Thanks for that. When making updates it's important to check that background is still working. The previous update broke it and this update fixed it. Back up to 5 stars as everything else works very well.

Soh. U. May 18, 2022     

1.Kindly add event recording feature so that it takes less space (storage) and only records when anything is in motion... Right now it only records continuously... 2. It would be nice to also add network recording feature.

Sen. A. Apr 2, 2022     

It was great app but with last update push notifications stopped working. Devs fix it! This was one of the main functions! Edit: Devs fixed the notifications in the recent update. Thanks a lot for acting upon feedback and fixing it :)

Ste. C. Feb 1, 2022     

Generally, i like the camera and the app. Unfortunately just a pop up notification is not good enough to wake me up when it detects humans. I changed the notification sound, but still not enough. I would also like to be able to set different settings for different times. Like day time no alarm and light, and night with alarm

Ric. B. Jan 26, 2022     

Absolutely useless. After setting up a connection from camera to 4g router I could connect to camera on the same wifi network. After switching to telco 4g on my phone I was not able to connect to the camera. Shows the camera online but when connecting it buffers to 92% but never connects. Tried on home broadband network, also on a different device but all get same result. If I could give no stars I would. What a waste of my money.

Dar. G. May 28, 2022     

Was working fine now I can't log in it is stuck on log in screen. So frustrated with it I'm ready to delete this app and find a better one to use with my camera. There must be a better way. Works on my tablet but not in my s21. Did yesterday but not today just stuck on stupid. And I do mean stupid!!!

And. 2. Jan 15, 2022     

You cannot submit an error. It asks you to describe the problem with no place to describe it! Only a place to upload pictures??? Camera barely ever works, app barely ever works. Not worth it. Now the app even has an ad in the beginning. Terrible experience all around. Update...Why does it never work, but the stupid ads sure show up when I'm trying to quickly look at the camera. You guys stink. Negative stars please.

m. k. Jan 22, 2022     

Having problems with password setup. Keeps saying , password is too simple, no matter how long or complicated you make it. Difficult to share or use account in different devices. Too bad I have to put up with this app to use the 10 cameras I have. Motion alarms and other settings don't seem to work properly.

Tot. T. Apr 28, 2022     

Multi screen viewing is now missing. You need to open each camera to see what's happening. Buttons that are very easy to tap before, is now complicated to use..

Gag. P. May 14, 2022     

Great app. But every access cctv that i shared to my friends accounts , they still can control PTZ of every cameras that i installed. I already disable it on sharing management menu but its still not working. As an Admin i must prevent them to take control of full access . Any tips?

Tim. T. Apr 14, 2022     

Okay, if you reset the device remove memory card first, seems this causes connection issues because there's 2 commands trying to open up on card at same time. Also ads can be selected to be turned off also. Errors started right after selecting turn off ads. Plus the pro version is better and works but has no preset selections. Other cameras like this has another program that you can adjust camera features from a pc connection to turn down streaming feds so recording quality is even better.

Mic. B. May 6, 2022     

Absolute rubbish. I have been using the same email address for over the last twenty years and your system tells me that it is not valid and sends me a varifying code that doesn't give me enough time to use it. I try and fail on another couple of occasions and now I am told I have to wait 24 hours to try again.

Mar. G. Apr 24, 2022     

Device Offline in application but on the actual it is connected in the internet and functions well (example: lights up when a human is detected). I think there's an issue in the app.

Hen. C. Apr 11, 2022     

forced to use this app with ptz cam I purchased .. every update activates Google advertising. latest update permanently puts BUY CLOUD SERVICE NOW on main screen before update it was removable now it is permanent. pita.. free video storage on SD card why buy your "valued cloud service". when not needed? I can do all you stated in your reply with just my SD card.if my powers out my battery cam stores all movement on my SD card .with no power it isn't possible to send alarms to cloud. useless

Dee. P. May 26, 2022     

I signed up for the cloud services for 3 mos at 5.97$ but they took 8$ instead totally dissapointed. And the app always deletes the shared settings tsk. Also, the cctv goes offline every night though it is connected like that defeats the purpose of us getting this thing

Lee. J. B. May 9, 2022     

Ads drive me crazy, now they have ads that kick you out of the software to play videos it's pathetic. I will buy a professional app because this app is amatuer 😡 It keeps kicking me out of the software then playing ad videos, I paid for a full version of this software so why am I still getting ads anyway ?

Dav. A. Feb 22, 2022     

Can't open any of the settings panes. Always shows an error. Also, I set it up initially using the guest account, made sure everything was working before mounting it in an inaccessible place. Now it has logged me out and doesn't accept the password I set. Tells me to factory reset it. Isn't that helpful!

Ben. M. Apr 22, 2022     

Its Working fine so far easy to install..the video clarity and audio was great.. I was checking if i can use 2 accounts on the same apps so that 2 user can see and monitor it.. will be purchasing again..

Jet. J. Apr 24, 2022     

Please improve tha camera, it disturb us every night because it always reconnect, at the same time the light is also turning on. Even the wifi has a string signal.