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ID Creator

Create a fake ID, prank your friends...The ID made by this application is not an actual ID and should not be used for any official business or any illegal dealings.
Flip the card to see the back like its an actual ID. This App also helps you put an emergency contact which helps someone Identify the owner of a phone and call the emergency contact. This will help you retrieve a lost phone when picked by a volunteer.

Use your actual photo as an ID snap, use your own desired logo from gallery or camera, also get your own seal for verification as an actual ID.

Are you ready for the fun? Download this app and share with your friends.Please don't not use the app or the ID screen shots or anything from this app in any way that may be understood as illegal in any country or location.Thank you

Category : Role Playing

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Reviews (30)

JES. i. L. Sep 8, 2016     

I would like to ask the administrator of this app,if they had informed users. whose details they show here?Please I wouldn't want mind shown like you did to the guy from Uganda, please I will take legal action if you ever displayed my details.Thank u,congratulations in developing this app, it's ok but please once again I don't want my details shown

Sta. Y. Jan 6, 2017     

Just Fantastic. It will be good if there exist more flexibility such as in Colour library(for Branding), Fonts, date issued plus expiration, etc. Wouldn't mind to upgrade if these properties exist in the upgraded version. Thanks

A. G. u. Sep 6, 2016     

But please try and update it so that we can put our own I'd card number not yours

Kxn. K. Jun 3, 2017     

More writing space would be nice and a pannel for my own signature and own expiration date etc... It would be nice to choose what I want on the I'd

Jos. J. Oct 26, 2016     

Exactly what I've been looking for, feeling so lax to make an id for myself, then i just had the thoughts to search for an app that can create an id, it's the best please download this app it's perfect

A. G. u. Jan 12, 2018     

It very much excellent this App is different from other fake ID app guys I recommend this for you all OK.. You should work on your stamp make it real legit. Thanks

Muw. I. Oct 2, 2017     

Its nice but work on input and character limits like . I cant write more than 12 characters.

A. G. u. Jul 30, 2017     

The app is good but have a little problem on it On the back of the card it's written there "this phone" of which it supposed to be "this card" please rectify the error please

Suh. S. Sep 17, 2016     

Alwys Hang' photo not Change and error shwng everytym

Lor. R. Nov 6, 2015     

Add something so you can hook it up to a printer and print your Id on paper #awsome sauce

mar. c. Apr 23, 2017     

So happy to use this id creation..very usefull for me and for my future..thank you very much

Dav. M. Sep 24, 2017     

I have not gone through the whole alteration pro

And. H. Jan 12, 2017     

It doesn't work on my phone . My phone is cubot

Kri. K. Dec 7, 2016     

This app is not good,it closes unexpectedly

Law. P. Nov 24, 2016     

Hi I would like to congratulate you for development of this app but my request is why don't you allow the holder of ID to put his or her signature or even a finger print

MAR. D. C. Aug 3, 2016     

this app crashes when activate the camera phone

Ail. D. Jun 30, 2015     

i want to make my own template but u cant do it here

Ear. S. Apr 29, 2017     

The app is really amazing but how I wish you could make it better by changing the view from horizontal to vertical view

Hel. Jan 23, 2016     

I love this apps except that i cant use it because of the expiration date. Is there any way i can change or edit the exp. Date? Thx.

UTu. G. Jan 24, 2016     

There should be option of roll no as well as customize issued and expiray date option . Wem

Udo. V. Aug 30, 2017     

This application is nice nd good but how do I print it out if I want to print out De ID after creation

A. G. u. Sep 6, 2016     

It's a very nice app just that it's fake

RiD. B. P. S. A. Jan 11, 2017     

Improve it with Govt Cards

A. G. u. Jan 10, 2018     

This app is perfect and useful, there is nothing to regret about it thank you.

A. G. u. Jan 28, 2018     

Can you improve it by adding blood group and own signature

Rob. H. Sep 1, 2017     

A very good app to produce an emergency ID easy to use and the results are excellent

Nat. F. Jul 1, 2015     

Fun to used it in a secret group. More power to you guys.

Dre. P. Aug 21, 2017     

Please make this app having ability to put our own signature

Col. A. Sep 5, 2016     

I love this app thats why i gave it 3 stars but please how can i change the ep date.......

Bla. T. Aug 31, 2016     

The ease with which I'm able to create IDs is remarkable.