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Idle Clicker Game

Idle Clicker Game! Infinite Gameplay! No IAPs! Easy and addictive!If you like jewels, gems and gold mining, this Idle Clicker Game is for you! Just tap in the mine, get gems and become a jewel and gem tycoon.
At first, you need to tap and mine on your own. Then sell what you've got and hire workers to speed up the process. Continue to tap by yourself and earn more jewels, rubies, gems, amber, emeralds, sapphires and gold.You can also:
- buy new pickaxes. It will make mining more effective because better pickaxes mine better jewels. And chance to get cool gems also increases.
- upgrade mining with money. It's better to get more gems per one tap, right? Everybody wants to become rich fast.
- upgrade with pearls, jewels, rubies, gems, amber, emeralds, sapphires and gold. When you become rich enough, you may want to reach new horizons. To do that you need to restart and tap again. But you will get a bonus
- pearls of prestige! You can spend them on super mining upgrades or you can...
- take part in the essence lottery. This opportunity is available only when you've mined and earned enough, when you have the pearls of prestige.
- collect planetary essences in this idle game and improve your pickaxes with it. And then...
- fuse 10 essences and get one which range is higher. What are they for? Essences help you to earn much more jewels per tap. They double amount of them, triple!

There are so much opportunities in the game. You can play it for weeks and never get bored with it.Try this Idle Clicker Game and become a tycoon!

CreditsIcon: http://www.flaticon.com/authors/madebyoliver

Category : Casual

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