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Idle Town

Govern the worlds cutest and most competitive town by building an empire of mighty coffee shops and ice cream vans! *cough
Tap the big mighty coin and earn Idle Coins, raise and invest them in every possible kind of business to further increase your income!

Idle Town is a Tycoon Game that challenges you to earn achievements, gamble your money in Gambling Houses, beat milestones and impress your friends with your, so precious and so virtual, riches! Join your friends on this adventure.

Be the best in this clicker! Maybe you will earn a cookie! (or not) *cough*


•Tap an enormous and golden coin in the center of your town to gain money!

•Build an impressive business town with various lucrative buildings, be an awesome capitalist!

•Gamble your money to earn enormous prizes, or lose all your richness!

•Use unique Power-ups and be a even awesome mayor!

•Earn unique Perks to multiply your earnings!

•Beat your friends Highscore and be the most ambitious mayor!

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Category : Simulation

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