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Idle Wood Tycoon

Have you always wanted to be the richest of the richest? Now you can fulfill your dream!
Begin with planting some trees, cutting them and selling it to make your first few dollars. With those dollars a whole new world opens up for you!

Upgrade your tools, hire workers, purchase better trees to sell, purchase upgrades, move out for better ground and get richer than ever, right in front of your eyes. The possibilities are endless in this idle / incremental game!

Choose how you want to manage your tree farm. Idle Wood Tycoon can be played in many different ways, to reach the ultimate goal of being the richest of the richest. It's fun for both casual players and more experienced idle / clicker players.

Features-Casual gameplay-Offline progress
- your workers will work for you, even when you are offline-Many things to discover and unlock-Compete with your friends and the world-Dozens of achievements to unlock-Designed for tablets-Family friendly-Playable without internet connection

Having any problems? Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you!

You can reach me via mail: jeroenkappd@gmail.comOr via Twitter: @jeroen_kappe

Category : Simulation

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