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Illinois Lottery Official App – Scanner & Results

The official lite app of the Illinois Lottery has arrived in the Google Play Store! Download the app to scan your draw tickets on the go and check the latest lottery results for Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto®, Pick 3 plus FIREBALL®, and Pick 4 plus FIREBALL®. This app does not allow users to purchase tickets. Please visit our website to purchase tickets for our online games.

With the Illinois Lottery Official Results App, you can enable fingerprint login for safer and faster account access. The lottery ticket scanner lets you scan your lottery draw tickets anywhere and see if you are a winner, instantly! Check out the latest results for Illinois Lottery games and search for all past results from the official app. Find out the latest jackpot amounts of your favorite games! Want to buy scratch-off tickets? Use the Store Locator to find a lottery retailer near you.

★ Scan your draw tickets accurately
★ Check the results for all draw games
★ Check the latest jackpot amounts
★ Find Illinois Lottery retailers near you

Other features
★ Easy registration
★ Convenient fingerprint login
★ Learn how to play
★ Manage your account
★ Enable push notifications
★ All ad free

Remember, playing the Illinois Lottery gives you a chance to dream big while supporting communities across Illinois. Twenty-five cents of every dollar spent on the Illinois Lottery goes to fund public education, infrastructure projects, and other special causes.
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For questions, comments or feedback, please call 1-800-252-1775 or email support@illinoislottery.com.

Be Smart Play Smart™ Must be 18 or older to play. Gambling problem? Crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed at 1-800-GAMBLER. For more info or to exclude yourself, call 1-800-252-1775 or visit illinoislottery.com. The Illinois Lottery encourages adults to establish appropriate parental controls on mobile devices accessed by children under the age of 18 to limit their ability to download or access this app.

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Reviews (30)

Mar. L. Jun 29, 2019     

Not off to a good start. I've been using the app before the latest update with no problems. However now I can't even log on and I get an error message that I'm not using a valid email address. It's the same one I've used since the lottery started allowing online betting and I used it as recently as May. Newer is not necessarily better. Received an email following up on the rating. I contacted someone as directed by phone, who couldn't see a problem on their end. 6/29/19 still can't log in.

LL. W. Jan 19, 2021     

Experiencing same issues listed regarding the forgetting of password, constantly telling me to download full version, then all of a sudden I can't view winnings... This all within 2 days So, download full version and it automatically crashes. Uninstalled lite and full version. Reinstalled full version. Open it up and it crashes again. I'm done.

Lor. B. Jun 2, 2019     

Just plain awful. Can't find Instant Tickets information that was easily found the old way!! Have to go to the regular site which is now a mess too. The remaining Instant Tickets prize old download to my Samsung phone was super easy to read. Now it's horrible and when I send in there is STILL a problem the automated answer doesn't even match what I'm telling them. The result for me has been to cut way back on purchasing Instant Tickets. Oh yes. your scanner doesn't work either.

Hea. R. Sep 17, 2020     

Great app love the ticket scanner and the contest! Also love that you can get tickets online as well. However I don't like that it gives me problems with putting my new address in and stuff it keeps saying it can't verify it or something idk but it gets frustrating . Other than that it's an excellent app. Another plus is being able to view how many winning tickets per each type of ticket are still out there to be won if any. I feel it kind of helps increase my chances of winning bigger money

Rob. D. Apr 23, 2020     

Original version worked great. Scanner worked great. Latest update crashed immediately upon opening it. Bring the old one back. OK, it seems like they fixed the issues. Haven't been able to use it much yet, but it appears to work well. I'll update again after I use it more.

Chr. S. May 5, 2019     

Installed this app to be able to easily buy and check results of lottery tickets. This app does nothing, the games button doesn't work, the results button doesn't work, and it doesn't seem to have the ability to buy tickets. Overall it's worthless, glad I spent zero money to download.

Luc. L. Dec 9, 2019     

Like most things in IL this app is non-functional. Whoever developed this app was an idiot! Not user-freindly. It's great showing you how to play but try and purchase a ticket, I still can't figure it out! The website is great but it can't find my location so it won't allow me to purchase a ticket. I want my money back!

All. S. Oct 6, 2019     

You can only tie 1 card to this account, unlike the previous app. The only way to use a second card, is to replace the first. After replacing a few times, it cut me off. I can't add money to my account. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now there is not a way to add $$ to my account at all. The selection is no longer there.

R. J. Jun 2, 2020     

Where are my numbers?? After you play in app, the numbers you picked and purchased are nowhere to be found. And if they are, I haven't found them. After receiving mail with good news(you won!) There is no way of checking what number was picked right. And you better remember your balance to find out what amount you win. Can somebody help me with that, I hope I'm wrong. Otherwise app is easy to use.

Bra. b. Jan 19, 2021     

Very glitchy. EVERY time I try to log on, it asks me to download the full version. (Which I have numerous times) There is no update and once you uninstall and redo it, it'll work. UNTIL the next time. You're better off using your computer.

kam. w. Dec 13, 2020     

This used to be a good app until they stoped maintaining it. Tells me to upgrade to full app( i already have the full app) . Ticket scanner works when it wants to. Scans 1 or 2 tickets then has a hard time scanning and i habe to reset the app to scan another 1 or 2 tickets before it fails again .PLEASE FIX IT!!

Chi. Y. Jan 20, 2021     

I only used this app for three times it works fine however it says to play lottery download full version through the browser it leads you to the site to download it the. problem is the full version doesn't work at all and the app crashes 3 seconds after opening it every time.

Alb. C. Nov 18, 2019     

Keeps crashing, won't even open the app. I have the latest Pixel 4 XL with the current updated version of Android version 10. Not sure if this app is not optimize for version 10. It won't just great in Android version 9.

Dan. B. Nov 18, 2019     

The application worked well. I have recently upgraded to a new Android phone running the latest release. The application will open and immediately crash and close. Please update for current Android release.

Jam. R. Nov 30, 2019     

Was very happy with the older version until it was updated for iPhone use only. The android app does not work as well and much harder to navigate, I cant seem to open my account fully.

Eri. S. Nov 28, 2019     

No wallet, so no ability to play games from the app or see winnings. Only scanner is useful. Best features from old app have been removed, unfortunately. (On a technical note: this is an embarrassing effort for an Android app, since the old app's "update" link took me straight to the Apple App Store, and there's at least one other working link to the App Store INSIDE this new app as well, on the "How to play " page. LOL, seriously?)

Joe. M. Sep 9, 2019     

Soon as I downloaded app it gave me a virus. Touchscreen lags and sometimes unresponsive. Touchscreen only works when it wants to and it happened as soon as i downloaded app, phone worked fine before. Do NOT TAKE THE RISK AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Pon. Jan 15, 2021     

Lately, every time I try to scan a ticket, my phone crashes as soon as I point the phone at the bar code. I have to re-boot. This is not acceptable. Until whoever codes the app fixes this problem, I am out of here.

NBO. Apr 14, 2020     

If you want to play tickets; this is NOT the app you want. This is the "Lite" version! Steps (1.) UNINSTALL this app (2.) You will have to download the app (.apk) "(2) versions" Depending on OS; DIRECTLY from the Illinois lottery web page and follow their instructions (please read everything there). The only issue, will be changing your permissions on your phone, to allow you to install the .APK file. If unfamiliar, stay near a computer, while installing, so you can read directions. Cheers!

Mal. M. Feb 12, 2021     

Lots of negative reviews but I've had no issues with the app.. I never upgraded to the full version because I don't buy tickets online.. it says THIS version is for scanning only and that's what it does just fine

jam. s. Apr 25, 2020     

Horrible app. Won't even open. Everytime you touch the app. It pops open for 2 seconds and keeps closing. Nice to see they've got "the bugs" out.

Dor. B. Sep 12, 2020     

Ticket purchase no longer works. Money is stuck in account, but can't be spent. Generic error message indicates "ticket could not be purchased". Does not provide a reason. No instant (scratch-off) game information. Need to be updated to include game details and unclaimed prizes, that are currently available in website.

Ami. E. Nov 1, 2019     

Always have problems with this app. Sometimes I cannot add more money to my account. Now I dont even get the option to purchase online just how to play online. It's a frustrating app!

Chr. N. Mar 14, 2020     

One star, the only app on my Note 10+ which is crashing on opening. For three months no fix. Do they read reviews ?? Broken state, broken app. Worked ok on Note 8. Update, it is fixed working and I can scan both bar codes lottery and scratches

rom. p. Jan 10, 2021     

So I downloaded this app so that I could play for the latest PB. I decided to play the P3 and Lotto. Well guess what.... I get an email about 2 hours later saying that I had actually won. Well when I had the app years ago I'd be able to immediately see my winnings and transfer it to my account. Well I don't see that option and where it used to say play where I could play more games it now just says games. There was a reason I stopped playing the lottery and Where the hell is my money?

T. W. Jul 21, 2019     

really does nothing. I want to see games that I purchased online are winners or not, cant. You cant purchase any tickets. Check account balance, cant. I guess it is not linked to the computer site.

Sel. O. May 28, 2022     

A very easy and great way to keep track the winning lottery numbers daily and weekly as well as monthly.

Mar. M. Jan 10, 2021     

I cannot find any record of my numbers, my account balance or not winnings if any. Just keeps telling to upgrade and when I try to do so, I keep getting the same message to upgrade.

Apr. S. Jan 9, 2020     

Just downloaded and it crashes as soon as I click on it. I rebooted my phone and redownloaded it. Same issue. Looks like I'm not the only one. Been a issue for months.

Eb. G. Mar 22, 2020     

Signed up with 2 different email addresses, app is not allowing me to sign in, says I have invalid password , I even tried resetting my password, app is not allowing me to set my password, I'm not even recieving a link to my email this app gets 0 stars from me. I am very disappointed.