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Image Converter

Image Converter

Image Converter is your number one app for converting image file formats on your device.

Reduce your picture size - fast and easy.

Image Converter is a simple step to follow and convert your image with best format.

Image Converter having option of converted images format such as tiff, jpg, png, webp, tga, gif etc.

Using Image Converter you can easily re size the image of actual size with different options related to convert images.

Image Converter is mostly used when you have to share image via internet in slow speed network,you can easily convert
that image and share converted image via this Image Converter application.

This is an application for converting an image to the JPEG format.

Convert your pictures! You want to open a picture not recognized on your
android device? convert it with this free tool.

Images Converter Format :-


Image Converter Following simple step to convert images such as :

- Select Image from Gallery or directly from Camera.

- Image Converter apply image convert in offline mode and fast converts.

- Image Converter having more than converts file such as Bmp, Gif, Jpg, Wbmp, Tiff, Png, Tga and many more.

- Simple edition tool: Rotate, Crop

- You can also share directly from the view images in converted image.

- Image Converter also having option to delete the images which you converted.

- Feel free to try and load files of other formats as well.

- total Free App Images Converter.

Images Converter also known as: Picture Converter, JPEG Converter, Photo Converter, Images to PDF,
Free Images Converter,

Excellent 5 Stars !!!! Simple, easy to use. Resize and share pictures quickly. I will use this while on vacation.

Enjoy >>>

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Reviews (30)

Jab. H. Nov 28, 2020     

This app is useles and doesn't do what it said to do. When i click on add (+) button it takes me to gallery, but when i select a picture it doesn't add it, it show ads after ads. USELESS. WHY WOULD YOU CREATE AN APP THAT IS USELESS, I SHOULDN'T HAVE WASTED MY DATA. IF somebody is reading my review right now if zero star was able, i would have not rated the app. USELESS.

Dar. P. Jun 29, 2019     

I wanted to convert to .ico, but it was not listed when converting. After converting it put the image in some mysterious folder that I didnt want to take the time to find. Not after having spent the time to watch 2 minutes worth of ads to convert one image.

A. G. u. Dec 28, 2018     

took 15 minutes for one photo to convert only a couple minutes for the other two my problem is it says it was uploaded to a library but I can't find a library that the photos are in certainly not on my phone I'm going to uninstall and will not try it again ! NOT HAPPY !!

BAR. M. Jun 27, 2019     

Features Big Beautiful FullPage Ads. These get in the way. ( Not Productivity-Centered. ) Changes the size of some images. ( Unable to access all file types. ) A paid app that works would be a better project.

Ian. M. Nov 23, 2018     

Can't open TIF files from Gallery app in my pone, main reason why I need an image converter, why don't you open an intent so I can share files directly from the file system, or use normal file system to search for files when you prompt for input images

Com. Nov 24, 2020     

This app keeps on stopping. I'm not sure how or why. I already sent a bug report to the xiaomi people (I'm using a redmi 8A) please look into this bug because your app looks really cool and I don't mind the ads but please, fix your app

Has. H. Apr 15, 2022     

A total useless app. When it saves a file, It's hard to find. Only the app knows where it is. Is it a joke or is it making fun of me 😡

Ric. G. Apr 8, 2020     

Bad photo picker. You should add like file manager to the app so we can access files more easily such a hassle browsing all of the albums. Uninstall...

Lay. P. Jan 3, 2019     

Software took a VERY long time to convert JPEG to SVG. After I finally located the folder file was saved to, I was unable to open the file.

Mik. Jul 8, 2019     

If the app doesnt open a file what is the point of it. If you want to convert or open a tiff file obviously it wont be in images, it will be in your file manager!?

jod. d. Aug 12, 2019     

converted file to svg, and then couldn't find file after that. Ad pop-up is ridiculous, but at least you can skip the ad.

Des. A. Dec 13, 2020     

Too Much Advertising...It seems that this app has been created to show advertisements. The motive for which it was created is not being fulfilled.

Arm. M. Feb 13, 2019     

using this app because my photo viewer won't show me tiffs. it uses your photo viewer to open your pics so you won't see any tiffs. useless.

Deb. B. Sep 11, 2021     

Not user friendly,photos r saved in diff folder ,and you will not be able to find that folder

Moe. D. Oct 8, 2020     

It's very good for changing images format,it has every image formats.I have idea to install it.

Ste. I. Nov 11, 2020     

I strongly advise people not to install this app. I don't even see the reason why it's still available on playstore. It is misleading and useless. If I could give it a zero rating, I would have done so.

CHU. I. Apr 26, 2019     

Useless app, where does it save the converted pictures? Don't download please. Wasted my time and efforts many times

Emy. S. Oct 13, 2020     

Every time I want to convert an image, it stops working and asks to close it.

Pra. Y. Sep 9, 2021     

Where the converter images getting saved?? Not able to see in gallery neither on the aap

Ran. M. Jul 31, 2021     

easy to apply, not complicated with so many instructions, I like it......

Ola. Y. Jun 15, 2019     

The app is good, but it strongly and seriously could use a batch system.

Sub. P. Jun 9, 2019     

does the job, that's all. but converting is very slow

Joy. K. Jun 29, 2019     

Does not work - says image converted and saved when it does not

Som. B. Mar 9, 2020     

This app would be perfect with no ads. Pro version

Tig. T. Oct 13, 2020     

I love this app this app is excellent nice app thank you so much to all team for creating this app.this app feature is very very best very easy undurstanding system .

Fel. O. Jul 14, 2019     

I really recommend this app to those of you that do more of online application which have many requirements for registration. I assure you will never regret you downloaded it

Sun. S. Dec 30, 2019     

Good App but JPG to PNG quality to file size efficiency must be improved.

Nat. A. Aug 26, 2020     

Very bad ...poor results as image gets converted 90% this app closes away

far. a. Sep 24, 2020     

It was awful it didn't convert my image it just changed the file name

kiz. n. Sep 26, 2021     

Useless and rubbish app. Complete waste of time. It's a scam