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Image Size - Photo Resizer

This app allows you to resize an image to whatever size you like (with limitation), quickly and easily. It is a really resizer app.

You can specify the output format using one of the following four units of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters, inches

To preserve aspect ratio just tap on the chain icon between width and height input fields.

Image Size gives you the option of saving, emailing, printing or sharing the final image.

Resize your image in just four easy steps:

1. Open an image or take a photo
2. Enter your desired output size
3. Crop the image with your fingers using multitouch gestures
4. Save / print / send / share image

Resize a photo or image with this app in seconds.

The image sizes used are saved and can be quickly selected from a list.
The image can be rotated 90 ° right and left.
A photo editor has been added. (Filters, text, sticker, etc.)
The JPG quality can be adjusted in the settings.
The storage path for the output images can be changed in the settings.
The Exif data is copied from the original image. (This function can be deactivated in the settings)

Category : Photography

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Reviews (30)

Bit. B. B. May 12, 2022     

It is good for resizing and doing some basic editing for photos. It is very helpful when uploading photos that need to be a certain size. Very basic interface, very basic app. Four stars because it does what it says, ads aren't too bad, but not the easiest app to use sometimes and the interface could use a facelift.

Rya. S. Apr 6, 2022     

some of the functions are hard to find and the layout is not quite as smooth as it could be especially when searching for specific functions but give it some time and look around you will find anything you need in a photo resizer even though it may differ from your current favourite one. This one is well worth a try and it is in my opinion one of the tops in the Play Store so thanks developers keep up the great work, it's stuff like this that makes you feel like all the searching was worth it.

Ver. C. Feb 26, 2022     

Not very happy with this app. It almost never recognizes my printer. Have to go through almost 3 rounds of ads before it will bring it up for printing. This app really wastes so much time working in. It could be better.

Noa. A. Oct 12, 2018     

UI is underwhelming, yes, but functions perfectly fine. Has a ton of detailed options which makes it the best I've come across, and it does just what it says (my use was for resizing only) - closest thing to Photoshop in that sense. My only recommendation is to make the rotation function more accurate (like using degrees rather than "pinching" to keep the images straight, but easy enough to just compare to the canvas edge).

Leo. L. Apr 23, 2020     

It's easy and quick to use, with the resized photos looking good, except one thing..... If I share a photo from, say, Google Photos, that photo more than fills the frame in this app. In some cases I can still make it smaller so it then fits. But in some cases that doesn't work, and the resized photo is cropped when I £\wanted the whole photo resized, NOT CROPPED!

Tys. C. May 20, 2021     

This does a great job at resizing photos quickly without having to wrestle with a complicated interface. I don't have to navigate to different pages or complex menu trees to do what I want. Everything I need to do is right there on one phone screen. I've used this app hundreds of times by now to shrink files, and the output has always been good quality while saving me time and not bloating my phone's storage. The only improvement I wish for is the ability to re-name files before saving.

Ton. H. May 5, 2022     

Doesn't actually resize photos but crops them to the size that you want. Useless for me as I need my photo resized and not cropped.

P. Apr 19, 2022     

Very good resizer. Good part is that the image quality is not changed. It also made provision if one intends using different calibration. 5 stars.

Mel. D. Feb 21, 2020     

I wish we could change the aspect ratio of a picture. Example : a frame grab from a video that is 1440x1080 (4/3) but should be displayed as 1920x1080 (16/9). And a support for a lossless output format would be appreciated. Otherwise, the app is clear and simple to use.

AJ. Mar 6, 2022     

The quality of the image gets too low when it's resized. I didn't like the quality. Please improve it.

apr. p. Jun 13, 2021     

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to use, either by selecting specific measurements or standard paper sizes etc. They say an expert makes complicated things appear easy, well the maker of this app must be a genius. My images print in the size I want, no messing about, first time, every time.

Oss. N. Feb 22, 2020     

Cannot change dimensions of picture. To be more accurate, cannot change y-length and leave x-length the same, or vise versa. So I can't squish pictures. I was maybe a bit harsh on the review but I'm frustrated that I can't find even a single app on google play that'd have that feature, wich isn't even hard to produce.

Alo. R. Sep 22, 2021     

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to use, either by selecting specific measurements or standard paper sizes etc. They say an expert makes complicated things appear easy, well the maker of this app must be a genius. My images print in the size I want, no messing about, first time, every time.

Tom. P. Feb 21, 2022     

Nice enough app, but a little clumsy with too many features IF you're only looking to resize. Simplify!

And. Dec 17, 2021     

I loved this till I used it while online, and a loud full-screen video ad appeared. I nearly dropped my phone, and it woke my wife sleeping at the other end of our house! Really, just to resize a photo? 😜 [EDIT:] I don't think you get it. Have you actually tried this online, when the _whole screen_ becomes a loud video ad? I'd rather make my app free than subject people to that. 😬 [EDIT] Found a free resize app, so uninstalling this, sorry… It's just too simple a thing to justify the hassle.

Oto. E. Aug 1, 2020     

1.) Better to input an aspect ratio than a resolution, with this app you can create 4k resolution pictures that are actually only 144p in quality. 2.) I put output quality to be 100% but my cropped pictures' quality still drop so much. I'm just cropping images is all. Even when I do simple things like mirroring, the quality is still affected.

Agr. S. Jun 4, 2019     

Thank you developer. I searched so many apps for resizing the photos at last find this fantastic app.. which contain resizing, editing, Evrything social media photo editing options. I like so much this app for free supporting all kinds of size like pixel, mm, cm, inches for resize. Some advrts appear but no problem. Resizing with varying image quality setting. Gives better quality photo of desired size. It was a complete free photo editing app for everything.

Ste. E. Oct 17, 2019     

I've just read a review that suggests the design of this app is "from deep history". I think you can tell from the other reviews that the interface is positively heart-warming, ie: instantly understandable. We are not all young dev-op beardy bods. Please don't 'update' the interface, it is a strong point. Review: Everything you're looking for. Can change results folder, can resize by measurement or pixels, or percentage. Simply the best. Pay your £3 and get the ads off. Perfect.

Bri. d. l. C. Jan 17, 2022     

Thank you for that wonderful app. Unfortunately after exporting some EXIF data is lost like GPS. Even though the feature is activated in the settings. Not sure if this is a bug? Any chance to fix that?

Tom. Dec 4, 2021     

I don't mind seeing ads but it constantly asks you to buy the product every single time you open the app or save a picture. And after 5 saves it stopped saving pictures! There are better apps out there.

Ste. N. Sep 23, 2019     

Only app I've found that is easy to use, lets me resize photos and downloaded images so that I can print them without using the entire pice of paper which saves $$. Images can also be rotated, mirrored etc. The best thing is I'm not bombarded with friggin ads! Love it!

BOX. C. T. Apr 1, 2022     

Its a good app. croping tool need in editing section to crop the image. scale measurement to be shown in side of the image.

Tri. T. May 29, 2022     

Finally, an easy, does what it says app. Did what I was wanting to achieve in a couple of minutes. Brilliant!!

Suz. J. Mar 2, 2020     

Brilliant, the only image sizer I can find that will scale my images UP to 6000x6000, perfect for artwork. My only 2 criticisms are, I wish it went higher, eg 7000x7000; and it keeps crashing on my galaxy tab A tablet (but not on my phone). Still think it's worth 5 stars though, haven't found a better one!

Tho. A. Mar 23, 2020     

Seems like a great app function wise. And ad supported, sure, I don't mind. But an ad each time I go back from print dialog that autoplays audio? Nope, uninstall. Mute The ads and I'll be back. Might even pay. Response to reply: yep, like I said, might do that. But only tested the app for a few minutes before I uninstalled due to the ad sounds. So cannot evaluate further due to bad ad design. Anything that autoplays goes into the bin.

Gen. C. Jul 2, 2020     

I like this app. Fast and easy. Not sure how to share multiple pics in one message. That would be cool. Quality seems fine after resizing. The ads are scary... they pop up and start playing, sometimes very loud. Will likely pay to make them go away....

Zoe. T. Jan 2, 2020     

Exactly what I was looking for! Just disappointed the photo prints directly in the middle of the paper. I wish it would print in a corner so I could get more use out of one sheet of paper! But the resizing option is amazing!

Kas. P. May 14, 2021     

Oh my gosh!! You are a lifesaver! I needed to turn a picture of my artwork in with specific dimensions, specific space, and specific folder, and I couldn't find anything anywhere! I used multiple apps and nothing did it. I was panicking and to the point of tears, and then I found this app, and it was super easy to use and did exactly what I wanted it to do! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Der. K. Jan 15, 2022     

App seemed easy enough to use. An ad started with SOUND just as I moved onto sharing. My volume was up because what decent human being puts an AD video with sound in a no sound photo app. UNINSTALLED If I can't try it I'm not gonna buy it.

Kei. B. Mar 16, 2022     

too many ads good program but way too many ads and they have no metric settings for measurement for converting pictures