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Integra Control Pro

The Integra Control Pro is an official Integra remote control application that conveniently lets you operate compatible Integra network products through your Android devices.The more intuitive, user-friendly operating screens increase your enjoyment of audio content.Compatible with Integra network products released in 2016 or later*.
Integra Control Pro is free to download.Get more from your home A/V entertainment experience with this application!

Main functions that can be operated through this application(1) Audio streaming services operation. Stations are touchscreen-selectable.(2) Control of streaming audio files from a DLNA-compatible server. Your Android devices can be used to select music directly from the server(3) General remote control and playback functionality(4) Volume-control function(5) Stream music stored on Android devices wirelessly. (6) FLAC, DSD, and Apple Lossless playback capability via Home Media function (selected models only)(7) Compatibility with Spotify , Tunein, TIDAL , and DEEZER.*Availability depends on region

*By setting the “Network Standby” menu item in the unit’s initial settings to ON, you can use this application to turn on the power of the unit.

Compatible models (Models released in April 2016 or later)2016 Receivers and Pre Amp s

■ Please note: ・Integra Control Pro requires at least Android 4.0.3.
* Operation not guaranteed on all devices.・ All models require a firmware update to use Integra Control Pro.

・Available Service depends on regions

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