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IP Cam Viewer Pro

Awarded Best Software in Utilities category for 2011Remotely access your video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam.
Over 1600+ devices supported. Use Scan Camera to automatically find compatible driver.http://hit-mob.com/android_device_support_list.html

With 5+ years of development there are so many features they won't let me describe them properly so here's an overview.

Wide protocol and video format support include HTTPS, RTSP and ONVIF.Features include matrix view, pan tilt zoom, home/lock screen widgets, grouping, encryption and in-app motion detection.Support for 2-way audio, background audio, record mode with remote control and notifications.

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (30)

O. L. Mar 28, 2022     

Update 3-28-22: Sound from different cameras is bleeding into the main feed. Sound continues when app is closed. // Main Review: I have been using this app each & every day for years for its reliability & functionality. I'm glad to report that it's still my go-to app for access to my cameras, even more so than any proprietary app that cameras ship with.

J. M. Apr 28, 2022     

Excellent app. Two problems 1. I see is blurry widget shots on my Android phone. 2. The apps PTZ functions do not work on my Android TV. I would love to help diagnose if the developer would like to contact me.

vij. a. May 25, 2022     

Works great, but when trying to setup wear os app by selecting push to wear os. I get error as 'unable to write to sd card for temporary space' So permission are given Uninstalling and reinstalling done no help.

Moh. R. A. A. Feb 19, 2022     

Im really satisfied with this app despite some people having problem. Im using mix of Dahua/Hikvision type of camera and DCS-930/ camera combine. Note that Dahua using RTSP and DCS-930 is tricky if not using this aps. It works perfectly. Thanks to the camera find option that really helps the configuration.

Mic. M. R. Apr 19, 2022     

Works great with my Wyze cams so I can see all my cameras at once. Using an old monitor and an old android computer, we now have active viewing of all our cameras at once! A streaming DVR system for less than $30.

J. J. Jan 2, 2019     

So far so good. Was able to enter an unknown camera and a few Foscams as well. I think the interface is a bit clunky and wish I could set the trigger areas for motion alarms. As far as I can tell, you can turn on or off the alarms and set the overall sensitivity. I also wish I could adjust the record schedule to the internal SD cards as the app appears to ignore the internal cards or have the ability to set record schedules.

And. H. Apr 15, 2019     

Update 15/4/19 - Glad to be able to put this back up to a 5 once more - I don't know who has done what to what but it's stayed up continuously now since I put up my previous feedback. I have found this to be an extremely good app. It has been working well for a long time but previously for the last few months (early 2019) it kept stopping on launch. Still worked on old phones but not my main phone. It needed a fix.

Kie. S. Jan 28, 2020     

Thought a camera rotate feature may be missing - I was wrong! Fast support (thanks Robert!) and easy to use, this app auto-identifies supported camera models, etc. It's great to find an app that's well supported, and does everything everything it's supposed to do, with an easy to use interface.

tob. z. Apr 11, 2022     

Since years stable in use, allways up to date with the lattest cameras!

Mik. S. Jan 7, 2022     

After years of using a pc to serve my home ip cams, I've found that just using a cell phone and this app works just as well. Only wish it recorded audio as well

Phi. J. Jan 10, 2022     

Scanner and viewer works well, but the user interface looks very dated.

Mik. s. Mar 30, 2022     

Been using this app for 5 years now works really well, best camera multiviewer app.

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2020     

Dev is very helpful. Good communication. Everything works great except when I go into "more views" and then "launch cam URL" the app isn't able to click on links or download the video files links when clicking on them. On a browser, it works apparently. Hope that can be ironed out.

Dan. H. Jul 3, 2021     

I have been using this app for many years. It is really a very versatile, self contained app. Really like how it has settings on phone and u dont have to pit setting on someone else's database, to connect. I also worked with the developer a few years back was bit of a pain as I had to do all communications via email but person was very knowledgable and eventually got change made i needed. Really like this app.

Pet. S. Feb 14, 2020     

Excellent app at a fair price. Lets me view the analog cams on my cheap Chinese DVR when away from home. Only drawback is that my DVR is so cheap that PTZ is unsupported, but I can live with that. Very simple and glitch free UI, does what it claims to and developer actually responded to my email, so that alone gets my loyalty. Well worth the cost for the pro version, I am happy to support this developer.

Ala. F. Dec 26, 2021     

I'm not going to lie, it's tricky getting cams setup but once you figure out your ip addresses & get it right, it will run like hell for internal viewing. I suggest that you try the lite version first, setup cams, export cameras.xml, upgrade and then import cameras.xml & you'll get an ad free experience. Dear Dev. if you don't mind, please tell me how do I set up my onvif camera for remote viewing? thanks

Jas. T. Sep 15, 2018     

Is a great app and has been working flawlessly for a few years with our cameras over WIFI and Remotely. I even convinced my partner to go pro....the both our phones no longer work with sound. We get the error "Listen Failed" I still stand by the app though as I am sure this will get fixed in the next update

Jim. F. Jun 26, 2021     

I have been using this app for several years and it has not let me down. I have 6 IP cams around the house. The newest was the Ctronics solar powered. It requires a waken on lan signal to wake it up. I put in a request to Robert and he said it was a possibility. Last update and it was implemented. Great support!

Ed. A. Mar 5, 2021     

This is the best ip viewer out there. I have tried them all. I reviewed the lite version years ago. Now have been using the Pro version for a few years. It is the best...by far. Developer is amazing. Answered my email in hours with the answer to my question. Absolutely amazimg!!

T. J. Apr 4, 2020     

This has been the most reliable and non-intrusive security app I can find. My Skybell and Dahua apps REQUIRE that they know my location at all times in order to pair with their devices. Shameless privacy intrusion. In Dahua's case, their "excuse" is the need to set the correct time zone. Pure BS! Thank you to the developers of this app for not needing to track me, which also means they don't have to lie about why they're doing it.

Mar. G. Jan 14, 2019     

Worked well until I changed to a newer DVR which is unsupported by this app. It partially works with the model suggested by scan but very slow to connect and unreliable. Fortunately xmeyepro hd still works with my new DVR so I'll give up on this unless the developer gets back to me with a fix.

Chu. T. Apr 25, 2021     

I've been using this app since 2013. It has the widest IP camera support of any ap I've tried. There's also an iPhone version (my wife uses iPhone). This app is the core of my custom home system. I have 6 home ip cams, all backing up to Google drive via a dedicated PC, then this app to view via our phones. It's a bit technical to set up (router forwarding, etc) but if you have the know how, you can make an amazing custom system.

Kat. M. Apr 27, 2021     

Sorry, it doesn't scan for your local security cameras but you can see places around the world. If you know all the technical data you could find your own camera on startup by once you click to view the world cameras - you're done. No way to get back to setup. Had to get a refund. This may be good for software/hardware professionals but def not for home users.

Cod. S. Apr 4, 2020     

The stock app doesn't work for the Lorex LNC cameras anymore, but this does! It works great, but audio doesn't work and the refresh rate could be a lot better... But at least I can check my cameras when I think something is up or to see who is here!

Jon. S. Nov 28, 2020     

I think this is my favourite app. I got a camera a few years ago & got the free version to view the images when I was out of the house. Got more cameras over the years so got the paid version. Over the years the developer continually updates the app to incorporate new cameras. He's answered questions when I've had the rare need of help. It's just a stable and effective app that just works. Definitely worth 5 stars.

Dor. B. Apr 18, 2020     

Finally my search is over! After trying 10's of IP camera monitoring apps, this is the only app I found that knows how to connect to the wide range of cameras that exist, whether with standard connection or with the camera's specific way of connecting. Once you understand the user interface of this app, you will see that you can customize the app perfectly for your needs.

Mar. R. Sep 16, 2021     

Works very well and has compatibility with an unbelievable amount of camera systems. Though I'm not very happy about not seeing a way to install it on my Amazon fire tablet too without paying for it again or sticking with the limited ad version.

Aus. C. Sep 13, 2020     

After having used the free version for years, I finally coughed up for the paid version to get more cams on. I thought the free version allowing 6 cams was already very generous. Very happy with the app, of course. Keep up the good work, guys.

Mic. M. Jun 19, 2019     

very good. probably the best option for a generic ip camera app for cross brand support. But one significant flaw is with the widget. images are pixelated and hard to view after the first refresh. it's been like this for a while. no fix coming

Jef. C. Jun 26, 2020     

I paid the $3.99 for the pro version of ip cam viewer from my phone. Wanting it for my android tv box. Already had the basic version on both. The pro version doesn't work right on my phone. Since I already paid on my phone the pro version won't download to my android tv box because it says I've already paid for it. Tried to get a refund but Google play says that is not allowed. So now I'm screwed. Not worried about the $3.99. Just would like to have it on my tv. Edit Got it working