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IP Camera Monitor – Video Surveillance Monitoring

Remotely access and control your IP Cameras from anywhere.

Set up an effective IP camera video monitoring system within minutes!

View live video from any IP camera remotely. IP camera models from different vendors are supported. Any camera that supports ONVIF and present in the local network will be automatically detected by IP Camera Monitor. If the camera is present beyond the local network then you can manually add such cameras in the application.

IP Camera Monitor is the best app for video surveillance. Watch a live video of any camera directly from your phone no matter where you are. You can also capture photos of the event.

IP Camera Monitor with Security Monitor Pro is a perfect combination when you need to control Security Monitor Pro cameras remotely on your Android device. Security Monitor Pro is a professional video surveillance software which turns your PC and IP cameras into a full video security system.

You need to install Security Monitor Pro on your Windows PC.

Watch the video tutorial to see how easy it is to connect to Security Monitor Pro and remotely access cameras on your Android mobile device.

Keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you need security.

Key features:
• Auto detects ONVIF cameras within the local network: View a live video of all the ONVIF cameras present in your local area network. These are automatically detected by IP Camera Monitor.

• View IP cameras from anywhere: Add IP cameras present beyond local area network and see what's happening in your home, office or parking area.

• PTZ support for IP cameras: Adjust the orientation, rotation and tilt direction of your camera preview using Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera controls.

• Access to Security Monitor Pro cameras: Now access and control cameras added in Security Monitor Pro directly from your phone. You can remotely control actions such as monitoring, video recording, and capturing a photo. Access recorded media files and event logs directly from your device.

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Reviews (30)

Hen. C. May 26, 2022     

fids camera great video but when I rotate camera it keeps spinning untill unplugged.!

Max. M. May 28, 2022     

App crashes will not run on my Samsung S22

Bob. C. Mar 11, 2020     

This app picks up my.cameras no problem but I lose all motion tracking with it. Also when I open the app in the show all cameras I get only an error on each camera saying failed to receive image from camera. I paid for a subscription to see if the app worked better but it didnt so I cancelled it. I will pay when the app does what I need my cameras to do

Guy. K. Aug 22, 2021     

This app, #15 that I tried, down the list at the Play Store, was the first app to display content from my Onvie LAN camera. It did so within one minute. Hopefully Google will provide colored radio button.. one for #1 paired smart phone, #2 for Onvie LAN camera and a third #3, for apps capable of dual simultaneous use. Update The image from Onvie kkmoon Camera just vanished Gee whiz Was it an update that killed it?

Mic. S. Aug 24, 2021     

Terrible. I have no control of the camera position. Once it starts to move I can't stop it until it hits the wall. Zoom is not working at all. Whole program looks very amateur like written by a student for some vodka and weed. Please fix it as I can't return your expensive camera.

PHM. D. May 26, 2021     

No Ads ! It states as it installs. So what's the first thing that I see upon finishing installation ? A little box showing ads on bottom right of screen. Exit, uninstall, move on. 2 stars cos it otherwise loaded and looked ok.

Jef. P. Mar 6, 2022     

After I installed this app I Uninstaller it within 60 seconds. This is a junk app. Stay away

The. O. May 22, 2022     

I recently used the windows edition and it was working very good. This android application is not working at all for my sadly. The app crashes the moment I open it. I use Miui 13.

And. P. Feb 28, 2022     

Has been my go to app forever for my camera but now the app won't even open just continuously crashes

Pet. P. Jun 15, 2020     

Tried lots of apps for my 4 different cameras and thus on works on them all very well. 3 out of the 4 don't give a still image but when you tsp on them they all work. Great app.

Bar. F. Sep 24, 2021     

Of all the camera brands listened in this app, they left out two big best selling brands on the market, today; BLINK and RING! Bottom line, they are already missing out on the millions of BLINK and Ring users. Don't judge the camera by my 2 star review. For those cameras listed, it's probably a good application!

Joa. M. May 25, 2021     

I have been trying to connect my camera for 3 days now. Have tryed various different "Ctronics' apps. Still cannot find one that will make this new cam work.. Have tryed signing in, all I ever get is connection failed.

Chr. M. Mar 8, 2022     

App will not open up at all. Uninstalling.

Sun. K. Dec 12, 2021     

Hard to connect it to my camera. And Im using the camera with another app very easily for so long. Going to uninstall.

Dan. M. Jan 28, 2020     

Recieved ad from facebook quite a few times. This app is for android mobile only. This app is not displayed for android tv os, (Nvidia Shield) this is what i use to display ip cams to a spare monitor. So this app will not work. Mabey in your next revision. Ip cam viewer is android tv os capable, its a shame yours isnt.

j. b. May 26, 2021     

Dont buy their junk, it all only works with their proprietary software... And multi-view is not a thing on their software.... There is no way to conect it with any third party software. Not to mention the cameras came broken... Gross company... AVOID!!

All. R. Apr 18, 2020     

Great security app. I am using Security Monitor Pro for monitoring. Now I get this completely on my phone. Very easy connection.

Mah. B. Sep 20, 2021     

Great and easy to use.. finally I found this prog. After installing and uninstalling a lot of complicated programs which could not working successfully and couldn't detect my home Cam .

Jos. L. Oct 16, 2020     

This app is very sneaky I like it keeps people honest if they don't know they're being watched all I have to do is leave my phone around and it records everything I picked it up how long that's all I need to know they're invading my prophecy I recommend this app

Chr. X. Sep 23, 2020     

Works well, but I can only view 1 camera at a time. If I want to see another camera, I have to add the IP address, port # , make and model again.

Sav. S. Jan 15, 2021     

Since the most recent update, I can only access 1 camera remotely. Before the update, I was able to access both my camera's remotely.

Cyn. S. Apr 20, 2022     

Keeps force closing. I give up.

Mar. G. W. Oct 17, 2021     

Wasnt aware i had this, until bank notified me, 3 payments taken out on the same day, Wouldnt know what the programs does as i was unaware of this one..

Ran. E. a. D. Sep 13, 2020     

Works and connects to the camera but does not allow pan/ tilt/ zoom. Even though the camera can

Cin. S. Dec 30, 2019     

Excellent app. I have hikvision and foscam cameras in my retail store, all of them were recognized and automatically added.

Cap. P. Feb 25, 2022     

App stopped working? Paid for yearly subscription for monitoring my home cameras

Dan. B. Mar 2, 2022     

When I go to open the app it instantly crashes and shuts down.

SIC. May 10, 2021     


Mar. S. Jul 25, 2020     

Seriously bad app. Failed to connect everytime I try. Other apps don't have this problem.

Hea. D. May 26, 2021     

Still can't get no app to recognize my cameras I'm about top go to professional bc all this just seems like u give access for nothing but someone to watch u or very ur info and u get nothing but bs