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iPublishCentral Reader

With the iPublishCentral Reader App you can read ebooks in PDF and EPUB format on your android Smartphones and Tablets. You can organize books in to shelves, customize your reading experience, add notes or highlights to specific passages, bookmark a page, and download content from your Dropbox account and e-mails. Your last read page, notes, highlights, and bookmarks are synchronized across devices when network connectivity is available. This synchronizations enables you to pick a book from where you left off on another device.
Download ebooks:

· From various ebookstores hosted on the iPublishCentral platform

· Non-DRM PDF and EPUB content from your e-mails, and Dropbox

Customize your reading experience:

· Add notes or highlights to specific passages, bookmark pages/locations

· Select among typefaces and adjust font size

· Switch between horizontal swipe and vertical scroll

· Set brightness level


· Organize your ebooks/content by creating shelves


· Search for specific keywords and navigate to a specific passage by picking a search result

· Swipe or scroll to go to previous or next page

· Use the page slider to quickly navigate across

· Go to specific passages from the table listing the personalizations

· Table of contents

Formats supported:

· Ebooks in PDF format hosted on the iPublishCentral platform

· Ebooks in EPUB2 and EPUB3 format hosted on the iPublishCentral platform

· Interactive ebooks and audio (read aloud) ebooks hosted on the iPublishCentral platform

· Non-DRM PDFs


Hope you enjoy reading your ebooks on the iPublishCentral Reader App

- iPublishCentral Team

About Impelsys:

iPublishCentral Reader is owned and operated by Impelsys, a leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions to the global publishing market, helps its clients compete, evolve and grow in an increasingly complex marketplace. Impelsys-powered technologies like iPlatform™ and VirtualPages™ and solutions like iPublishCentral™ (www.iPublishCentral.com)help publishers increase their revenues by delivering content online quickly and cost effectively. Impelsys’ passion for client success has helped it build long-term partnerships with its customers becoming critical in the client’s electronic delivery strategy. Leading clients include McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Benchmark Education, Marshall Cavendish and Houghton Mifflin. Headquartered in New York, Impelsys operates across North America, Europe and India. For more information, please visit www.impelsys.com.

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Wat. L. V. Feb 2, 2021     

The App presents many glitches that make reading on it, not a pleasant experience. Lacks the possibility of extracting pages in PDF or any other format. Overall, it is way behind of the competition

Gre. G. May 15, 2021     

the Reader app keeps all my publications in an organized list in one place so I don't have to search directories or downloads folders. publications open easily as I need them. this is the best app I have used by fat on android

Ron. Jan 23, 2022     

My university provided me with remote login credentials to Wiley India. But the app doesn't recognise remote logins nither does it have a way to add .ipef files to the app.

Rac. S. Dec 9, 2021     

I am trying to open a book from S Chand but the app isn't doing anything. It's stuck on the loading screen and can't open the book at all

N.. P. Apr 22, 2020     

Extremely useful app. I tried very hard to get a book but couldn't find it anywhere. Found it from this app. Thank you so much for such a great app. Though, i have a doubt, the books download from the website will remain within the app forever or just for a limited time ? Please reply if possible.

Bob. B. Aug 28, 2020     

very hard to use, not user friendly, only got it for work and use it when I am forced too. most of the time they have to walk people through the mistakes for downloading books.

Ash. P. Nov 27, 2020     

Application is extremely good. But there is no option to copy any word or sentence while reading.

All. Dec 4, 2019     

Took a while to understand how this app works. I realized it works the exact same way as the desktop app. You have to use a browser to download the books and they open in the reader. Works fine now that I know how to use it.

Dev. V. Oct 18, 2018     

Crash many times while bring back from memory, Also developer note that provided lowest brightness is too bright to read in dark room at night and can't make it low, that's not pleasing to eye

MV. A. Aug 28, 2020     

The books NEVER downloads for me, quite irritating to be honest. The is also UI is very slow.

Gam. B. Aug 19, 2020     

Why the f it doesn't have the option to use system brightness like kindle its very hard to use as even at the lowest slider point the brightness is too high i have course book on this one please add this .

G. Feb 5, 2019     

Terrible. The editor I need is not even in the list. I have no access to my documentation.

Lor. P. Nov 25, 2020     

App is good for reading but your searching algorithm is bad, you can see how Google does it.

Avi. K. Jan 4, 2022     

very hard to read in this ...page suffels then its the huge task to find same page

ada. p. Feb 24, 2021     

Still not able to open my books .. Whenever I click on my book the app crashes.. Kindly resolve my issue..

Var. G. Jan 9, 2021     

It's showing "book isn't available download it again reader app" please resolve it to the earliest.

Agn. D. Apr 23, 2020     

I want to draw the attention of the developer in to this matter ,the books aren't even downloading and i can not select the option which i want to

Fla. P. Oct 30, 2019     

Doesn't allow me to download my book which I can read instead on the website, but on the app says Invalid credentials!??!

Mou. B. Sep 2, 2021     

This App is crashing on Android device. Useless app. Pls remove from Play store

Pra. Jul 28, 2021     

The app closed as soon as I try to open a book. It's basically useless.

apu. Oct 13, 2019     

Absolutely the single most worst time wasting app. Just fire the app developers!!

Sun. J. Oct 21, 2019     

Audio oitpit button is not visible on my app.. can you help out..?

Sur. M. Jul 30, 2021     

Total garbage, doesn't load the ebook even after offlining the downloaded file

utk. s. Sep 17, 2020     

Pinch zoom in,zoom out does not work properly

Sam. K. Apr 26, 2020     

Like this worst application, I'll never seen.😠 That app couldn't download to which book i'll want to learn. 💢😡

Yas. S. T. Sep 7, 2020     

When open a book the brightness is too high.

ash. e. Jan 9, 2021     

not optimized for mobile reading

Anu. M. Aug 20, 2020     

I am not being able to download the PDF of the e-book. It is showing "Download failed". What to do?

Sam. S. Aug 4, 2019     

I have downloaded a book in .ipef format, but the app still says there are no books on my device.

knu. p. Oct 11, 2021     

Good app, easy and simple to use