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1. The crash problem on Android 9 (click on)
2.android 9 points to exit UI display
3. The problem of the 1.3.20 battery camera in the electronic market: 2 cameras only have 1 camera online and watch video problems
4. Optimize the alarm message

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Mar 8, 2019     

I've been using this app for over a year, and connected 7 cams from 2 different brands (I think they came from the same factory). It seems to work fine for the basic functions, including loop recording on SD card. However, some features either don't work at all or perform badly. Remote playback of videos stored on SD card is very slow, which appears to be due to the app's server bandwidth restrictions. SD card videos can't be downloaded. Motion detect notification only works when app is running.

Dam. R. B. May 23, 2020     

Switched over to this app after cocooncam shutdown. Well I did have some trouble getting the cameras set up, I had both working within 30 minutes. Obviously the feature set is not as robust, but I was able to set up additional users for my family to connect, as well as motion alarms for both. If anyone is having trouble, I would recommend Googling a guide for this app, as it was very helpful for me to find the additional settings.

Aur. D. Jun 2, 2020     

Like many I had to switch over due to Cocoon Cam (I think we have until June 6th btw) and I'll be honest...i had to connection issues from the start. I had to start via wifi vs the connect on an existing network. But that's an easy fix. The app won't run in the background, audio works when it wants same with the video. When it works there are no problems with night vision, but I cant use mobile data to connect. Which is a deal breaker. I already have a new cam ordered and it's on the way.

Eli. R. Jun 9, 2020     

What trash. This app has rendered my cocoon cam useless. I can't even get audio while in the app, let alone background audio. Edit: after using this app for a week, my opinion of it has not changed. I finally managed to get audio while the stream is on, but no background audio is a joke for a monitor. It also freezes and makes my phone unresponsive. Have to turn my screen off to be able to force close the app and reopen. New monitor is on the way. I've had enough.

chr. l. Sep 21, 2019     

Camera is an absolute nightmare to set up. Most WiFi is automatically set up at a certain speed, which this camera doesn't support. The 2 way audio does not work ( I had two of them and they both didn't work). The motion sensor worked maybe a 3rd of the time and really only when I opened the app. If you want to record something I hope you enjoy keeping your phone on only that app to record because you have to keep it open. Spend a few extra dollars and get a better camera

ant. k. May 18, 2020     

Downloaded to replace cocoon app. Works like hot garbage. Took almost a half hour to set up despite it being like a 5 step process because it kept saying it had errors with the wifi. Finally get it working, and surprise surprise the functionality is even worse than expected. Even if the notifications and monitors went away due to losing the cocoon app, I could deal with that. But the frame rate is about 1 frame per second, and the audio and the night vision on the camera no longer work at all.

Ale. G. Jul 23, 2020     

F.U. to Cocoon Cam and to this garbage app they provided us with as a replacement. It is absolutely horrendous. It does not function properly. The screen is just black, when it works intermittently the night vision doesn't work, I can't run it in the background I have to be on the app to hear anything through the monitor, and the breathing monitor no longer works. The list goes on. So thank you for wasting my time, money, and putting my child in danger.

Ton. C. May 7, 2020     

This app worked great, for about the first 12 hours. After that it doesn't connect to the camera. Sure the camera is online, but when trying to actually view anything I end up with the loading circle. It has been three days with the same results. Cycling camera power does nothing. Cocoon Cam app had its own problems, but this is a whole new level.

Bre. S. Mar 23, 2019     

The app is lacking in a lot of ways. Switching resolutions causes a lot of problems. If you leave the resolution in 720p and leave the app, you won't be able to see the video when you return until you go back to 480p. Sometimes the camera traverses back and forth on its own. If you want the camera to stay stationary focused on a certain area, a lot of times it will stay there for 30 seconds and then just move..

Osk. S. May 14, 2020     

Cocoon cam should modify their own app to work locally with the basic functionality ( voice, night vision). This should be a fairly simple job. The additional features like breathing monitor and notifications are not that important. This app just doesn't work, no sound constant errors. When paying this much for a cam, you'd expect to have a decent app as well.

Jon. R. Jun 17, 2020     

Absolute trash. Can't believe Cocoon Cam forced us to try to use this awful app. Took hours to set up. Constantly said it couldn't connect. Said WiFi was a 5GHz signal when it wasn't. No infrared at night. Screen is basically black at all times. Can't run it in the background, can't even turn the screen off and have the audio play so it destroys battery life. GARBAGE.

Jen. T. Oct 24, 2020     

Dont waste your time downloading this app. Does not stay connected no matter what your actual connection (wifi) is doing. I have to reset the app constantly. This app was suggested by my baby monitors company when they could no longer support the monitor and we have had trouble on both android and apple devices ever since. From the looks of other reviews, it seems there is a major connection issue. I would have given a "no star" review but that was not possible.

Vic. F. Mar 9, 2021     

The cloud IP camera and app combined are great for the price, good quality video, clear images at night, motion detection never misses a beat. You can also pan and tilt the camera remotely through the app. I have a couple of niggles: the video player doesn't play in landscape: if you rotate your phone into landscape mode, the blue frame obscures the picture top and bottom. Plus the horizontal scroll bar doesn't scroll and tends to crash the video.

Sar. K. Apr 30, 2020     

ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! I have been using the Cacoon Cam for 9 months and now that they are going out of business, I have been forced to download this app to continue to use my cam. It took me an hour to connect my wifi to the new app because this app kept crashing and when it finally connected, the crashing continued disallowing the app to open up fully and allow me to even view the camera. I tried about 20x through the night to restart the app and connect and it didn't work once!! Very disappointing

Mik. T. Jun 25, 2019     

this app works great, but the motion detection is aggravating as hell, it is extremely sensitive and activates the alarm the slightest movementdevelopers please come up with a update maybe something that picks up body heat or something I have it on the medium setting IM still getting alarms it's kind of annoying and aggravating!! I think it will pretty much pick up a bird fart lol

Bar. H. Feb 17, 2019     

The app itself might not be the issue, but after trying to connect to the wifi for a good part of an hour, it still won't connect. It doesn't let me put in my WiFi network, just erases it before I can finish. I'll update my review once (if) I can finally connect.

Olg. S. Oct 21, 2018     

Absolute hard work. Doesn't recognise my sd card, doesn't trigger auto recording when detects movement. By the time i receive a msg there is motion detected it's too late to put the recording on manually. The developer isn't very responsive as i see from all of the comments below, so in one word complete waste of time and efforts.

Jam. L. Mar 13, 2022     

A bit tricky to set up first time but has been incredibly useful. My only wish is that it could automatically record in the background so that if something happens I can see the last 30 mins (for example) of footage.

T. N. T. Jan 13, 2019     

Good picture for the price. App definitely needs to be updated!! It doesn't send anything to your smart phone in regards to motion, alarms, etc... You have to just keep checking the camera on your phone if you want to see if something is going on. Okay for a starter camera.

Mat. C. Sep 27, 2018     

I bought the Uokoo Mini IP Camera to use at home and watch for unwanted invites. Configuring the alarms was not intuitive per se but in the end I managed to figure it out. I use 2 factor authentication and smtp does work from the app successfully. All in all I would say this product and app have met my expectation.

Amy. B. Jun 18, 2020     

Not happy moving from the old app to the new ismartviewpro. It was difficult to set up and takes too long to load the camera when I want to look at my son. We also seem to have lost the feature that tells us what his breathing rate is, and the logs that show when he wakes up and falls asleep every night. We will probably be switching cameras due to this change.

the. Dec 27, 2020     

I upgraded my rating because I'm more unhappy with the cam rather than the app. The app is awesome! Okay, fast forward a couple months and now the camera has gone offline and will NOT reconnect. What a piece of junk. But the app is still great. I love how it reconnects automatically whenever the cam loses WiFi!

Bry. P. May 15, 2020     

Unlike other, I was not even able to get the app to connect. The blue light would flash and it seemed like there was communication, but then I would get the "failed" message. I kept repeating and resetting for over 2 hours!! This app is truly garbage. Is there another app that is compatible?

Joh. O. Aug 25, 2020     

Not intuitive or user friendly. Unable to record or location to store recording. Constant disconnect of associated cameras. Zero ability to fine tune alert and sensitivity. Great to watch cameras in real time while at home. That's it since I can't record.

Jer. S. May 10, 2020     

Connecting your camera couldn't be more difficult. I've had this camera for two years and after its connected omits great but getting it connected is so frustrating. I am technically advanced and if this is challenging and frustrating for me this app will be useless to most people unfortunately.

Mad. K. May 28, 2020     

Just horrible. Like others, came here because cocooncam is withdrawing their support. ***Save yourself the trouble of trying to get this to work and just throw your cocooncam out. You'll get back several hours of your life.*** Took me 2 hours could even get it to work. I was unable to actually get it to work via direct connection as recommended on the web site, but was able to get it working via Wi-Fi audio setup. However, no audio support and the camera disconnects at random repeatedly.

And. D. Apr 25, 2020     

Absolute garbage. Cocoon cam company went under so they tell you to use this app. After fighting with it for an hour to link my cocoon camera, it finally worked, then barely an hour later it throws up "username / password" error for name/pass that was never changed! Crashes very frequently, and trying to go to the "about" section just c ashes the app!

tri. Nov 20, 2018     

After the last update, I can not view the camera any longer. Says the camera is connected, but just a blank screen and a spinning circle. Update made my camera a paperweight. Before the update, the software and camera performed as expected.

Ste. L. Sep 9, 2021     

I am another CocoonCam sucker that had to download this app to use the camera after the went out of business. Compared to its predecessor, is a TERRIBLE app! All the features why I purchased Cocoon Cam no longer apply. I'm luck to be able to use it as a camera at all. No volume no notifications and disconnects from wifi when it feels like it. Good luck to everyone else that got screwed! Hope you have better luck than I have with this thing.

Phi. K. Jan 25, 2020     

Camera worked fine for a while and then just stopped. Wont recognize the SD card. Can't find a way to delete recordings. App crashes frequently. Will only play back for two seconds. Really disappointed. No support. No good.