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Jaalala Oromoo Love Messages

Jechoota JaalalaaDhaamsa Jaalalaa Afaan Oromootin Love SMS Messages in Afan Oromo
This App contains Love messages in Afaan Oromoo Language. Here you will find Selected few expressions of love, how Afan Oromo speakers express their romance.

The French consider French language as the most Romantic Language in the world. The British consider English language as the most Romantic Language in the world. So does the Italians, so does the Spanish ... so does everyone. At the end, its all about mother tongue. Mother tongue is the most comfortable language to express love for most people, It feels at home to express love in your mother tongue. The same goes for the Oromos, it is one of the most beautiful and romantic language for native speakers.

- Please send us your favorite Romantic and Love expressions, short prose, short poems, that you know in Afan Oromo language. Isinis yoo Jechoota Jaalalafi Dhaamsa Jaalala qabatani nuuf ergaa isin galatoomfanna! Waaliti sasabnee Appi kana update goona.

- oromnetplc@gmail.com

Just in a few touch, You can share your favorite on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber and other social media sites with your friends and followers. If you want to send via SMS (Text Message) then it's also possible with this app. With the easy navigation of this app, you can navigate copy and share with your loved ones. You can Scroll around easily, also shuffle.

Once downloaded it works Offline.

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Thank you for downloading,OROMNET Software and Application Development PLC, Nekemtie, Ethiopia

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