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Do you enjoy artists like Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, Jeremy Camp, Crowder, Third Day, Lauren Daigle and Casting Crowns? K-LOVE delivers positive and encouraging music from these artists and many more directly to your mobile device with the K-LOVE Radio App. K-LOVE is a not-for-profit, listener supported radio station dedicated to share with you the hope of Jesus through great music.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Tif. S. Apr 16, 2022     

At first my app wasn't updating, so I couldn't use the app at all. But I found out it was a Play Store app issue, not Klove. I had to go into my phone settings and clear the data and cache for the Play Store app. Once I did that I was able to update. I would suggest allowing the app to work without updates. Love the Klove app! I can listen to the music anywhere, especially on road trips, without having to search for Klove or another Christian station (and Klove is my favorite!). God bless you!

Hay. S. May 1, 2022     

Love the app! But Sometimes I can't seem to stop the music. It wants to keep playing even when I close it. It works fine a little bit though. And I also have it play on my Amazon Echo. That also works fine.

Jer. C. Feb 10, 2022     

App cuts put every 20-30 seconds after first use that was perfect. Also will not stop after hitting stop, and even closing the app. It just doesn't work right. Very upsetting as I love klove. I like that I don't have to just listen to the live feed, but also 90's and 2000's music alone.

Eli. R. Feb 13, 2022     

Hey guys. Great app and awesome, positive, encouraging music and Bible verses of the day. They also have good speakers who give encouraging words throughout the day. I listen to them all the time. But a note to the engineers, when I try to play the music from my down screen, outside of the app, it doesn't work. This is not the only phone that I've had the same issue with. That being said, the big doesn't dent my desire to listen to the station. It's awesome.

dan. i. Apr 21, 2022     

Always always always asking for money. They say they don't depend on commercials for money. But honestly I rather hear commercial then them begging for money after every song. Seriously it's known stop. Things like this is why Christians have a horrible reputation. Plus stick to the worship music and stop asking for money. I understand every once in a while but not after every song. We are all going through hard time. We listen to focus on God and the gospel. Not to be persuaded to give. Stop

The. M. Apr 26, 2022     

I was very pleased to find your app for android in the google playstore. Now i can listen to your positive outlooks & bible verses to help get me through the day whether or not I'm near a radio. With the app i can take you with me almost everywhere I go as long as I have my tablet with me and I've learned to carry a set of headphones or ear buds with me. That way I can listen privetly to the range of uplifting to intensely emotional christian music and usually without disturbing people around me

Ama. B. May 5, 2022     

I Love this app! Very positive and uplifting. I did 30 day challenge and I have been listening ever since. The app adds more to the experience. They are all great people on the air.

Aar. T. Apr 11, 2022     

It's my favorite radio app. It will be great of stations list in Android Auto customisable. I would loke to sort Christmas station at the bottom of the list, for non Christmas season. :)

And. B. Jan 23, 2022     

Best Christian radio station I've ever encountered! When my kids listen to it, I know they're getting wholesome music the whole family can enjoy. It's our go to station and app when traveling, too, especially when we're out of range and getting static the radio station but still have wifi signal to run the app. Comes in crystal clear!

Fel. M. May 3, 2022     

For those having issues with the app closing, check and see if the app has permission to run in the background and disable auto battery save feature. It worked for me and now it does not close at all. Hope this helps.🙏🏽

M. W. Apr 8, 2022     

I tried to play K-love and it said I needed to update it. Went to playstore and hit update. All it does is spin and and spin saying pending. Really frustrating! I love listening but now I can't. Now I have to find another station. I don't know what's wrong with this app. I hope it gets fixed.

Ken. B. May 17, 2022     

Only one issue. Seems to have a problem loading prayer requests after the first few. AMAZING APP! 👍👍

She. L. Apr 22, 2022     

Update did not fix problem of app not responding to stop music. Have to force stop to end. Streaming from website works better.

Cam. F. Apr 7, 2022     

I love KLOVE. The app is a little slow. But won't stop me from giving it 5 stars. It won't stop playing sometimes and I have to completely shut my phone off to get it to quit playing.

Kei. K. Apr 16, 2022     

I have been blessed to have found this app and radio station. My daughter would listen to K love all the time till she went home to be with Jesus. A few months later I turned on her car and K love was on the radio and I have been listening since.

Ric. Apr 22, 2022     

Listening to K-Love has brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions! God speaks through these songs on K-Love and as I listen to the music in my car it changes my direction from instability to clarity! Hallelujah!

A. G. u. Apr 6, 2022     

I love KLOVE!!!!!! Best music and hosts on radio!!! I feel closer to God through this app !!! Thank you SO very much !!!!!

Rit. W. Apr 6, 2022     

Love to listen to it when getting ready or places you can't get your signal to come in in the car, so encouraging, uplifting and comforting

Nat. P. Apr 4, 2022     

My family listens to K-LOVE everyday on the car radio and cell phone. It gives us Positive Music and Feeling for the day. Thank you K- LOVE RADIO. !!!!!😘

Ano. Dec 27, 2021     

Fix the app PLEASE 🙏 Should be a 5 star review here but the music cuts off approx every 1-2 minutes. Can barely Make it thru a song lately. Never used to do that. Great ministry! Great music! App needs work tho.

Sus. B. Apr 14, 2022     

I have been with y'all for years... and suddenly I can't get signed back in the last couple, few months. I did a reset at least 7 times in the last 2 months (4 - just tonight). It finally said "your profile has been created successfully." But still can't sign in with the new sign in I set up. I LOVE your music, the stories, the speakers y'all have, and hosts but I can't sign in to donate or anything else. I can only listen. I deleted the app, opened up new one. Still can't get signed in.

Chu. G. Mar 14, 2022     

Great until the last update , my tablet that I use at work to listen to klove won't work anymore, it just has the circling thing at the bottom. My other music apps all work except klove and air1.

Jos. G. Apr 6, 2022     

This station gives me peace all day long. I put my ear plugs and go all day. Thank you so much. The prayers are awesome as well.

Dix. P. Apr 5, 2022     

This is an awsome music app because there is a time limit were it turns off and everything and like no ads and thats why I rated K love five stars.

Lor. K. Apr 6, 2022     

I don't know what I would do without klove in my life. It's a inspiration everyday when I turn it on I get reminded I'm not alone and I am a child of God. Thank y'all for being there an making sure the songs and stories get put on the air that I know inspires not only me but everyone who listens.

Hea. S. May 19, 2019     

I love KLOVE...I listen to it every time I get in the car and I often have it play on my Amazon Echo. However, I have issues with the app occasionally crashing or sounding broken. The most annoying thing about the app is that it pops up all the time without me opening it. I already deleted the app once because of this issue but I decided to try again the other day. I think I'll delete the app again and go back to streaming on my phone.

Abi. S. Jan 29, 2019     

I love KLOVE radio. But this app has lots of issues. The interface is crowded and confusing. The app crashes continuously. And the most annoying feature... sometimes when not even in use, the app opens all by itself OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! Hard closing it doesn't stop it either. The only option is to completely restart your phone. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy s8.

Gil. G. Dec 29, 2019     

Music is Great but I can't use the app on my cell. The app does have a stop button to stop the music. It doesn't work With my Bluetooth. I have to turn down the music talk. If I forget to turn up the volume and I can't hear my phone ring. I also can't shut down the app. It's always on and draining the battery.. Please Fix.. Love The App.

cha. n. Aug 25, 2020     

I've been with k-love for a long time with no regrets at all. However,I prefer the previous app to this because it was easy to follow the lyrics of the songs as they played,but this one doesn't have that feature. The previous app also continues playing automatically after a pause by a call on the cell phone,but this one will resume playback only manually which is a setback while driving. I have deleted it so many times to go back to the old one,but it just keeps upgrading automatically always.

T. B. Nov 23, 2019     

Ive had this app for a couple of years. The app stops several times over the course of an hour that i listen to it each morning. I often have to re-start the app. There are other times when i dont have the app open, and a message pops up that the app has crashed. I love starting my day with k love, and living in an area where i cant bring in a radio station, the app is my only option. I just wish it was somewhat reliable.