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Kahoots App

Kahoots is "The Follow-up App" for the mobile professional to master sales and networking.
Featured in Lifehacker
- "It’s a simple app, but the follow-up feature will make sure you never forget to reach out"

The award-winning Kahoots app has been redesigned and reimagined for Android, including new features such as follow-up reminders, business card scanner, share contact info, and much more!


- Scan a business card, set a follow-up reminder and never miss an opportunity to follow-up at the right time.
- Never carry another business card
- when you scan or manually add a contact, your contact info is shared via SMS automatically to the mobile number you add.
- The best networking and sales productivity tool for the mobile professional. Kahoots turns contacts into clients.

Kahoots is one super app that replaces 4 or more different apps. Scan/SMS Kahoots a business card (1: Card Scanner), add it to your contacts (2. Contact app), sets a reminder follow-up (3: Calendar or reminders app) and adds and add personal or social insights (4: Notes) for future reasons to follow-up and build a relationship.

--Business card scanner, follow-up reminders, personalized groups, group messaging, bank-level security keeping your contacts safe.


BUSINESS CARD SCANNERScan any business card easily and for free.

FOLLOW-UP REMINDERSNever miss an opportunity to follow up and turn contacts into customers. Reminders are set for any or every contact so you never forget to follow-up.

CREATE PERSONALIZED GROUPSEasily organize your contacts into the unique groups of your life, whether it be friends, family, coworkers, clients, customers, teammates, or organization members. Then find the contact you want in a fraction of the time.

GROUP MESSAGINGQuickly send texts or emails to some or all of your group members to keep them in the loop.

SECURE DATA ENCRYPTION Keeps your contacts safe and secure in the cloud so that if you lose your phone or switch to any other device, your contacts move with you.

- The Follow-Up App. Download today!

Category : Productivity

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